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Eddy Good
Eddy Good

 Musical style - Groovy: Progressive House, Progressive Tech/Trance, Breaks, Deep House, House, Electro House and Electronica.

Did put his first record on the decks in 1986.

From 1991 to 2007 Eddy Good is organizer and participant of many club and large-scale projects with such world famous names as Armin van Buuren, Christopher Lawrence, Dave Seaman, Faithless, Flash Brothers, Hernan Cattaneo, Hybrid, Lemon8, Olivier Lieb. Paul Rogers, Perry O'Neil, Rene Amesz, Ricky Stone, Sander Kleinenberg, Tiesto and many many more.

In 1996 becomes the resident of the legendary night club of Amsterdam club Trance Buddha, the first club with strongly expressed trance-concept. Eddy Good independently forms musical policy Trance Buddha, acts as the organizer with participation of Top-star names and constantly pleases the public with new acts and energy on regular returning projects: Musical Evolution, Positive Energy, Intelligence, Reincarnation.

Did play on all the well-known large-scale conceptual parties in the territory of Holland: Mushroom (4.000), Hell Raiser (10.000), Eye on the future (4.000), I love trance (4.000), Healers (2.000), Trance nation (4.000), Multigroove (5.000), Maximum (2.000), Virtual Environment (3.500), Earth Dance (1.000), Big Bang (3.500), High Energy (4.500).

And at world-wide-known festivals, among which legendary:: Atlantis Festival (5.000), Dance Valley (60.000), FFWD Streetparade (500.000), Freeze (20.000), Kazantip (15.000), Legalise Streetparade (100.000), Love parade (1.500.000), New frontier (40.000), Tochka Sborki (12.000), Euro DJ Party (7000), Amnesia Ibiza Party (12 000).

A true DJ is a perfect composer. Owing to the excellent music style, sense of the rhythm and an extraordinary approach to the mixing, Eddy Good took part in famous music performances accompanied by world-wide reputation names: … Hans Dulfer (saxophone), Kimmi Myato (violin), Tim Sunn (drums), Rob van de Wouw (trumpet), Vika Kova (vocal), Feel (flute), Local Hero (saxophone), Zoe Xenia (vocal), MC Coen Berrier (vocal), Rachel Grace (violin), Marlon Brand O (vocal), Mason (violin), Renske Skills (vocal), Dive (vocal & drums), Gia Mellish (vocal)

Eddy Good covers leading dancings of the world: USA, Great Britain, Belgium, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, France.

In 2000 Eddy Good has continued his organizing on the territory of Ukraine. Having united with Liya Melody (UAM Entertainment) and as a team they have seriously affected the development of the musical and club business side of the country, having started to invite foreign DJ's for performance on the Ukrainian dance-floors as 1 of the firsts. With participation Eddy Good following club projects and large-scale actions have been realized:

2003 and till today: Flying Dutchman is the first and long-term project in the Ukraine's dance culture. Thematically nights, characterized with the presence of specific music styles and visions, carry the atmosphere of freedom. It has been performed by world-renowned names and the best Dutch DJ/Producers. Eddy Good is the one of the gurus and indispensable resident of the said project. Flying Dutchman had and goes on having an exceptional success within clubs of Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine. Have been as only 1 on the national news, appearances on MTV and many other media outlets.

In the context of the project Flying Dutchman there were also arranged Special Flight parties, where international DJs and producers were involved. Special Flight is the talents night, whose music masterpieces pervade with freshness our favorite sets of top star names.

2004 and till today: project Emotion was put on - a squall club project, which has granted to clubbers unforgettable feelings. The first suite of parties of such a frame was repeatedly highlighted by the rating TV news on the national TV Ukrainian channels!

2005 and till today: FUTURAevent - an experimental project for club Sound Planet. The basic idea is play-with-sound experimenting. Eminent DJs, well known by club audience were invited on these parties. Each party is a new experiment, new styles, new music…

2005 and till today: ElectroNation - is a much-talked-of Dutch project uniting mainstream and underground club trends. After an exceptional success in the Netherlands parties were arranged in Kyiv. www.electronation.nl

2005 and till today: Live & Famous - the best DJs of the planet/ the best vocalists/ the best musicians! The first club project which combines performance of live musicians of the original genre accompanied by sets by prominent DJs.

2005 Euro DJ Party was arranged in the International Exhibition Center, Kyiv (7 000 people). Here he is one of the organizers, the headliner of the festival, on the same row with eminent Harry Lemon, Rene Amez and others.

2006 Amnesia Party was performed in ExpoPlaza, Kyiv (12 000 people) - he is one of the organizers of the party, where headliner was DJ 3 among world leaders - Armin van Buuren.

Eddy Good has now serious long-term experience in sphere of the dance industry. A permanent job with the musical product, producing, organization of events, cooperation with Ukrainian and European record-labels, show-organizations and stars of world musical stage, have recommended Eddy Good, as the authoritative and professional person in show-industry.

In the summer of 2006 Eddy Good has decided to stop promoter activity and want to give himself completely to the art of producing and DJ-ing. For today the huge quantity of material for releases on own label Digital Good and other labels which will be issued in the near future has been already prepared.

November 2004 - March, 2007 together with DJ Plato Eddy Good conducted weekly radio-show "Ctudio21" which has received the first award as "the best informative and educational radio show of Ukraine ", on annual awards of mass media " the Gold feather ". "Ctudio21" - the first show in Ukraine, propagandizing progressive culture. In the project music of legendary DJ/producers of the world where guests with exclusive mixes, interviews and un-ordinary stories from un-ordinary people.

Since May, 2007 Eddy Good started new radio show, Flying Dutchman, the show is opening secrets of musical culture of Holland and history of electronic music with exclusive guest mixes from well known Dutch DJ's. Dutch DJ and producer Eddy Good represents Flying Dutchman radio of show every Friday on radio of station Kiss FM.

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