Tuesday 25th Oct, 2016
Fabiano Bion
Fabiano Bion

Fabiano Bion has been a dj and producer since 2004. His tracks and his dj sets are appreciated for their originality and for the high emotional strenght. His musical background combined with the passion for minimal sounds are mixed into a mash that starts from deep and house, through techno to minimal music. The young carreer of Fabiano Bion have already counted many successes and collaborations, also abroad that have increased his popularity.  

In march 2009 was guest at WMC (Winter Music Conference) with his “live act”, in the “talent sessions” from around the world.  

Fabiano Bion played in the best clubs in Italy and Europe from the world famous City Hall, Club 242 and Fellini in Barcellona, to Zucker in Bremen, Pincode in Tessin, some underground parties in London, Bucharest and Ibiza. 

Fabiano achieved a fairly good success in Bulgary attending for three years at the S.E.E.M.E. (South - East European Electronic Music Festival) in Sofia, where he’s been invited to play at the promo sets and officials parties of the festival. Then he plays in the best clubs of Bulgary from Cacao Beach (Sunny Beach - Black Sea), Plazma (Plovdiv) to Escape (Sofia)and Biju (Pleven).  
By now he is producing new tracks and remixes with some big artists like Yaya, Marshall and Joy Kitikonti. Fabiano Bion is also part of Emokey with Stevie Hawk sharing the consolle with their live project. 

Some of his tracks have been supported by Joy Kitikonti, Someone Else, Luciano Esse, Laurent Garnier, Hugo, Marshall, Terry Francis and more.

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