Friday 21st Oct, 2016

The legendary Radio Dj John Peel once said, that music is at it's most exciting when it gives you the feeling of some-thing new. Feindrehstar endeavors to fashion fresh sonics from existing tone patterns. The Jena (Thuringia, Germany) based musician collective dives so deep into the soul of tone and rhythm that on stage under the flag of outright dance make music of the kind that manifests as a kind of spiritual intoxication. Here, they operate in the presence & fine instrumen-tation with a hand-made live entertain-ment on the order of wild boar. With their integration of drums, percussion, bass, rhodes, two-piece brass, sampler along with Kaos-Pad and vinyl DJ scratch work, Feindrehstar operates a hypnotists studio right smack in the middle space between the stage existence and club music. Precisely this straddling is the peculiar aspect. How many bands are there that on festivals stages as well as in clubs with a decidedly electronic flavor thrill the masses and induce sweat-drenched evening-wear? The seven man ensemble isn't focused on displays of technical virtuosity, but rather a symbiosis of ecstatic energy be-tween the lines of loud and quiet. That this also functions quite well on portable media is demonstrated under the direc-tion of producer Michel Baumann (Jackmate, Soulphiction, Philpot) and recording director Axel Reinemer (Jazzanova, Exit Studio Berlin) on their album 'Vulgarian Knights'. This appeared as a release in 2010 on the Freude am Tanzen sub-label Musikkrause.

Feindrehstar connects their inexhaustible nature of functional and rhythmic with an ornamental flair based on funk, jazz & afro driven dance music with a purposeful house edge and decent hip hop flavor. The live performed club sound comes direct from the belly. They answer to a global character that has its roots in the pleasure principle of body language.The life on the stage transfers itself expeditiously throughout the auditorium and enables a distinctive experience of togetherness, and understanding of the whole. The company organizes for the audience a journey into inner space, in order to explore the rhythm through activity and movement. The cells are brought finally to a groove stasis, in a man-ner of internalizing in synch with every breath and heartbeat.

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