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Gaetano Parisio
Gaetano Parisio

Born in Naples on the 30th of November 1973, Gaetano Parisio has risen in the world scene as one of the most influential producers around, since the late 90's. Gaetano grew up in Naples at the foot of the Vesuvius, the volcano from which Naples gets its energy from. He began listening and buying records when he was 14 creating his own musical background from early age. During the early 90's he went to many alternatives parties in Naples with a limited number of friends. Here he starts to taste a passion for mixing records with a minimal sound and imposing himself immediately in the club scenes of the city, becoming a leader and pioneer in Naples, which led to a movement of many artists, above all Marco Carola. Meeting Marco, his best friend, encourages Gaetano to develop his own musical sound and to buy instruments and set up his own recording studio, a foundation for the growth of his own artistic style.The collaboration and synergy between these two artists has opened the way to many other Neapolitan artists. In 1996 Gaetano starts to produce his first record that brought a good reaction in the international scene. In the same year he appears on labels of great prestige such as Design music, Prime Records and Planet Rhythm and begins to be recognize for his particular sound. By the end of 1997 G. creates and develops his first project "Conform records". This first label is the result of his need to be able to develop without condition the work he had begun, thus being able to produce other artists such as A.Beyer, the Advent, Ben Sims, Rino Cerrone and Marco himself.In 1998 G. affirms himself as a DJ succeeding in his first tour overseas in Australia and America and so becoming very sought after. By the end of 1998 he's the protagonist of the outcome of the second label, this time in collaboration with ELP Medien of Frankfurt (G.Izzo and M.Carola): ART. This limited project, and the number of copies produced, becomes a sort of cult for fans for the quality of the product and the difficulty in finding in record shops. 1999 sees the war of Kosovo and G. particularly shocked by the event and for his geographical vicinity decides to concentrate the energy on a unprecedented in the world of electronic music: he creates a collaboration of major exponent in the Techno scene to bring to light a record whose profits were revolved to charity to the refuge children of disaster areas; leading to Techcommunity for Kosovo involving artists s.a. Sven Vath, Laurent Garnier, Surgeon, A.Beyer, The Advent, M.Carola, J.Ruskin, C. Lekebush and Ben Sims. In December 1999 he goes back to studio productions appearing on the Drum Code of Beyer with the E.P.1999 recognised as one of the best records of the year by many specialized magazines.In the end of the year 2000 the last project was born: South Soul. A new significant chapter in his way to impose himself as a producer and DJ which comes closer to softer sounds making the new label a sort of crossover between DJ House and Techno. .Gaetano is also starting a new project ,Adagio.The first release of his new label it will be out in late 2006. Adagio will be a more sophisticated crossover between electronic and microhouse stuff.This year this Neapolitan artist was the protagonist in four different continents performing with three decks in major musical events and festivals.


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