Friday 21st Oct, 2016

"I just simply make manifest, what first occurs in my head."

The humorist Heinz Erhardt once rapped "Some folks always want to shine, even though they haven't the glow." If we take a detour via antonym through culture with more than a little evidence, we could put it a slightly different way: Some folks can shine because their glow from within flows like music, and thereby pro-vides wings to others.

The Polish-born man comes out of Gathsoland where there is only a single solitary resident: Gathaspar. His light is one that is unadulterated and multilayered music. Thereby he follows completely his own inner intuition and presents the aficionado by means of a live-set, and in his releases a complex, driving tonal-spectrum in a until now barely perceptible balance between dark and high tones. In this way he operates like a story teller and sonic philosopher of the 'classic modern' under the flag of club music. Especially his live sets sound like a soundtrack of life, compressed into one to two hours of dance floor lust. He's not limited by the dogma of the floor, these serve as an agent of demolition enabling space for a tonal culture like that from Gathaspar.

He looks between the regions of the traditional and new and forms possible combinations from acoustic and electronic music. The remarkable capacity for absorption is found directly at such interfaces. Under the application of deep and powerful bass sets, halls, voices, melodic figures for eternity that intermingle at various frequencies bring about an atmosphere that brings the landscape into tumult.

The great acoustic shock doesn't play a role here. Gathaspar sets out on the foun-ding of a spectrum of voices, that are above and beyond the raw enthusiastic shriek that sits firm in the mind and make free associations there. What remains is a wonderful dance music with its own circulatory system. Vacation at last cries the soul of the listener as it begins to twitch and dance between it's own pillars of good and evil forces. May the Gathaspar be with you. Yes indeed, it is he!

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