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Giancarlino carefully observes everyday reality and has the ability of experimenting and anticipating new musical trends. He surely can be considered one of the best deejays in this industry both nationally and internationally, as well as being a music producer, A&R director and organizer of big events. Since his debut, Giancarlino has researched new sources of inspiration and has given a new imprint to his music. Being one of the first deejays playing house music in Rome, especially hip-hop and acid jazz, his taste and personal style makes him move on to electronic music. In 1996, the opening of GOA club has been fundamental for the city of Rome as it soon becomes a symbolic club for the city. The club rapidly gets known in the deejay music scene. Its ethnic style, magical atmosphere and innovative sounds make this club unique. It continuously hosts important deejays from all over the world and Giancarlino has always given the opportunity to all emerging artists to play in his club. Many of them became important deejays throughout their career, only to mention a few, such as Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano. He also exchanges musical ideas and created friendly relationships with artists like Timo Maas, Sven Vath, Locodice and Steve Bug. During these years Goa club has become a music factory, capable of understanding and letting grow new generation of deejays that are frequently invited to play in major clubs all over the world. The club has been able to mix music, art, theatre, dance and visual installations in all its forms. Unlike many deejays that travel around, Giancarlino firmly decides to stay and establish himself in his home city in order to achieve his main targets, firstly by playing in many clubs of the city and later by creating his own club where he finally finds an ideal situation by putting into action all of what he has built throughout time. Giancarlino is a quiet private person and doesn't like appearing in social events in order to get noticed. He never really liked club private areas and everything that concerns commercial sounds and music. One of his creations is called ‘Ketumbar', opened together with his friend Danilo Proietti. It is a sushi bar and club that managed to launch new trends in a city like Rome, sometimes considered to be a ‘small town mentality' city. This experience gives birth to the First Travel compilation and being of major success for both public and critics. During the last years, Giancarlino intensified his appearance in international clubs such as The End in London, Rex club in Paris, Amnesia and Pacha in Ibiza, and every Monday at DC10 circoloco where he took part and organised events in Ibiza like ‘The Heat Timo Maas vs Fatboy Slim'. With his partner and close friend Claudio Coccoluto, he is the resident deejay of the ‘Ultrabeat' night at Goa club playing together with artists like Timo Maas, Sven Vath, Gilles Peterson, Howie B, Dj Hell, Kruder & Dorfmaister, Layo & Bushwacka, Pascal Feos, Tiga, just to mention a few. He organised the ‘Modula' exhibition at Goa, that welcomes electronic music, mainly experimental, which includes artists like: Mouse on Mars, LFO, Jimmy Tenor, Funckstorung and many more. He then creates the Sunday ‘After Tea', being a different concept of living the club as it has an afternoon opening hour where you can enjoy great quality music and listen to live shows played by leading and emerging artists. Here, you can appreciate young and talented artists having to do with art, fashion, audio-visual, photography, theatre, literature and poetry, an overall 10 hours non-stop of different range of artistic skills expressed in a singular way. He played in big venues such as 1st of May (Labor Day) at Piazza San Giovanni for 700,000 people, at the Olympic Stadium for the ‘Derby of the capital' and has been the supporter deejay for live concerts of Jamiroquai, Almamegretta, Warren G, and Morcheeba. He organised and played in big events held by companies such as Nike, Citroen, Diesel, Replay, Peroni, as well as Dissonanze Festival and venues like Beat Park and New Year's Eve 2004 in Rome inside the contemporary art museum ‘Macro'. Also, Amore 05, a New Year's Eve party realised in cooperation with the city of Rome consecutively for 5 years, hosting more than 30,000 people. Thanks to his close connections with Sven Vath and his crew, he realised other major events under the name of Cocoon Rome. Giancarlino plays electronic music including a wide variety of genres from breakbeat, tech house, techno, to electro, all exclusively played in vinyl records.


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