Wednesday 26th Oct, 2016
Iain French
From: UK
Iain French

At the age of 15 Frenchy initiated his musical passion and crossed the doors of the world-renowned bastion of house, “Back to Basics”. From this point on he has absorbed his musical spirit from all manor of influences and the vibrancy of the Leeds music scene.His musical home, Back to Basics, is synonymous with continuous quality. The club is revered worldwide as one of the pioneers of house music.

Anyone who knows house, knows the night itself and that the Basics residents have always been at the top of their game. If you’ve been at Basics in the last eight years, you’ll know Frenchy’s DJing has been a permanent fixture and as a resident he encapsulates the essence of the establishment every time he plays.Guest spots at UK clubs like the Sub Club, Below and Just Jack, to name a few, as well as playing further a field in countries like Croatia and Berlin, alongside his residency at his night The Digital Unferground, have served to reinforce his presence and make him a favorite amongst the musical heads that know.

Recent gigs alongside Radio Slave, 2001, Josh Wink, Clive Henry, Hector, Shaun Reeves, Shonky and Damian Schwartz, amongst many others, have demonstrated Frenchy’s skills and versatility to a wide audience as he continues to set dance floors alight each time he graces the decks. His ability to read the crowd and build a groove means he continually sets himself apart from most DJ’s and musically covers everything from Detroit Techno to Deep House and has an expansive scope that extends to a variety of Disco and Funk oddities. His sets are always diverse and keep the crowd interested by incorporating this variety of styles. Think Mark Broom to Mark.E, Moods & Grooves to Nu Groove, as well as everything in between and you’ll get an idea of Frenchy’s abilities.

A well-timed, well-played narrative of the best music, with a honed focus on underground house, is an accurate description of Frenchy’s DJing. Don’t take these words for it, listen to him play and see for yourself as he continues to gain the recognition that he rightly deserves.

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