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Iain Taylor
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Iain Taylor

Iain Taylor - One of Manchester’s favourite sons!  DJ, Producer, Party starter, Iain has been making his mark on club culture since the early 90’s and his debut sets at the cities fabled Hacienda nightclub. In a career spanning nearly 2 decades Iain has managed to calve out a pedigree in which many of his peers have quite justifiable cause for envy.

Iain was DJing at house parties while he was still at school and soon graduated into the ranks of club DJ and party promoter. His story is not so unique to begin with. Get a job in a record shop, promote parties and give out mix tapes! That is until one of his mix tapes found its way into the hands of a promoter at The “Hacienda” in Manchester. For those who don’t know about the Hacienda’s legacy, it is safe to say that it is a venue that will forever be etched into dance music history! Iain had his shot and he took it! Main slot, main room, no looking back!

From here on things took a distinct and sharp upturn for our young Mancunion hero. More slots at the “Hacienda” and then onto more of the UK’s Acid House establishments before inevitably taking his sound global.

In 2001 Iain took up a residency with (the now legendary) Tribal Sessions at Sankeys Soap in Manchester (Mixmag Club Of The Year 2005 / DJ mag #1 Club 2012).

Iain’s Sankeys residency became the longest in the clubs history. Nearly 7 years at the helm of what is now one of the worlds’s most celebrated underground institutions. From this platform he also began to grow his record label and production skills and also take on international tours for clubs like Ministry Of Sound and Back To Basics and as an international resident for DJ Magazine.

After nearly 7 years and some of the best days of his life behind the turntables at Sankeys, Iain decided it was time to move on from the weekly resident duties and start something fresh of his own.

Do you believe in fate? Sometimes, something just happens at exactly the right time. Iain left a residency but gained freedom and so began a journey that would take him along a whole different path. As he became more committed to the studio he also became more committed to creating the perfect setting to air his new productions. rEJEKT was born!

In the autumn of 2007 he headed up a series of underground parties with the sole intention of staying “off the radar”.

The rEJEKT parties took place in a disused furniture warehouse on the border of Manchester and Salford. If you didn’t know about it, you would never know it was happening! And that was precisely the point! No flyers, No posters! A makeshift club which disappeared without trace as quickly as it was created. It was a long dark tunnel with only the occasional flash of a strobe or shot from the laser. They were parties with every last detail under Iain’s control. A party that started when all others were finishing and carried on until no one was left standing. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!

Iain produced music as a bespoke soundtrack to these parties and now It was time to stop the tinkering and set the music free. First TP’s and CD’s of RJKT 001 – The Es Kubells EP (inspired by a free party in Ibiza) received plays from MANDY, Sven Vaeth, Digweed, DJ Hell, MR C, Claude Von Stroke, Sasha, Stephan Bodzin, Argy, Tania Vulcano, Tom Stephan, Sebo K, Layo & Bushwacka, Italoboys, Slam, Vector Lovers and even 1 Hernan Cataneao!! And to date rEJEKTS have built a loyal following which also now includes artists like Locodice, Luciano, Teifschwarz, Nik Faniculli, Luke Solomon, Kiki, Alexander Robotnik, Brett Johnson, Riton and Danny Tenaglia (to name just a few of our favourites).

rEJEKT soon became a record label and a travelling club night but it’s also much more than that! It’s an ideal! A state of mind! Open minded liberal venues and promoters were courted and the good ship rEJEKT set sail into a dark and hazy horizon. Iain set up residencies with clubs like El Diablo’s Social Club in Manchester, Back To Basics in Leeds, Space and Underground in Ibiza, Global Underground Movement in South America, Cloud 9 in Beijing, Luxy in Taiwan and from there started a guerrilla tour of duty “Saving the world one party at a time”.

We rEJEKT mass marketed music by numbers. rEJEKT the mundane. rEJEKT conformity, the obvious, the tedious, the transparently mercenary. rEJEKT greed, hate, racism, bullies, snobbery (especially musical snobbery). rEJEKT too cool for school, rEJEKT the first offer (even if it is your own offering). Dig deeper, work harder, be better, strive for perfection against all odds. Think outside the box, go against the grain, expect the unexpected. rEJEKT whatever it is that is getting you down. Throw off the shackles of everyday life and come party with us like it was 2099.

We are the rEJEKTS, we are the thinkers, the shakers, the noise makers. We are the pilot light that burns bright throughout the night”

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