Tuesday 25th Oct, 2016
Igor Vicente
Igor Vicente

(...) I don't agree with all definitions. Basically everything is house music and there are different versions. Even techno music is a different version of house music, it's a little bit faster and more aggressive. I try to be somewhere in between techno and house, and the reality is that everything is based on house. I would say I'm a house DJ for sure. And all this click-house, and micro-house and bleep-house, it's only to sell better the product, you know? At the end, everything is obeying the rules of house - the breaks, the snaps, the snare-drums, the high-hats. Everything is absolutely house. You can substitute different sounds - instead of a normal high-hat, you can use a click or whatever, but it's all house.(R. Villalobos)

(...)Igor was just a little lassie from Mons who grew up listening to Michael Jackson's Moonwalk, Bobby Brown's Two can Play that Game, KC & The Sunshine Band's Get Down Tonight and Warren G's Regulate. Once he reached his teens he discovered his passion for Electronic Music while listening to the sounds of Steve Rachmad, Richie Hawtin, Technasia, Dave Clarke, Funk D Void, Kenny Hawkes, MFF, Lance De Sardi, Brett Johnson, St Dic (RIP) Dj Sneak & Derrick Carter. His infatuation with sound of music pushed him to create the Wildfamily Parties which were uplifted by the house & techno of Jamie Jones, Clive Henry, Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Shuan Reeves, Matthew Styles, Sammy Dee, Matt John, Tobi Neumann, Dinky, Pier Bucci, Los Updates as well as his dj friends.

He has been able to score with his unique sound, which only really seems to fit in the deepest and darkest of the belgian clubs and was also able to tour abroad with this notable sound and was invited to play alongside all the biggest names in his scene...many claim his presence is now known in the disco beats of Belgian.

In 2011 he started a new project with Vernon Bara, Ultrasone was born. Almost instantly the duo started producing stellar tracks on Troxler, Reeves, Crosson & Curtiss famous Visionquest lab hittin Guy Gerber’s Supplement Facts, Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations with their bomb ep’ Breathe ‘n’ Pop’ and Audiofly’s Maison d’être meanwhile their remixes on Saved, Get Physical, Air London tjust to name a few were triggering strong reactions from the crowds.

Two years later the Ultrasone project had been stopped but Igor is still alive with 2 new residencies in the best clubs of Beligum, Café d’Anvers and Fuse. It’s in this last one that he will start he’s brand new parties ‘STATE Of FLOW’. Studio wise, after remixing Archie Hamilton and Patrick Meiner on Genial and Alejandro Vivanco on Sound Architecture, we heard through the grapevine that in the near future he might be doing something on Jamies’s label again and on Anja Schneider’s Mobilee.

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