Thursday 27th Oct, 2016
Igor Brzovic
Igor  Brzovic

Label owner in .Forward Education. & Fast Forward Education

Born in the early eighties, formerly his interest in music developed under the influence of the former punk and rock scene. After moving to Germany his taste begins to change from year to year. With the big boom of the rave culture in the early 90s, which at the time had affected the German music scene, his interest in electronic music subsequently increased stronger. The biggest influence on him at the time were the legends and pioneers of electronic music like Westbam, Marusha, and Sven Vaeth. Beginning to monitor all happenings surrounding the whole electronic scene through the media as well as their presence at various events and parties, his interest in the very production of electronic music begins in the mid-nineties foremost only for himself. As time passed and electronic music started to spread in different styles, the biggest influence on his music and production were great men from the Deep & Tech House scene, such as Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Terry Lee Brown Jr ., The Timewriter, Dave Mothersole. 
After taking a break from production for a couple of years and the return to his home country he again begins with re-producing his old pieces but this time making all his new tracks available to the public through the media. Shortly after the release of his new works through the media he signed his contract for his first EP titled "Butterfly EP."


Igor Brzovic - Butterfly EP [Levitium Records] 
Igor Brzovic - Easy Rider EP [Doppelgaenger] 
Igor Brzovic - Katarina EP [4In4OutMusic] 
Igor Brzovic - Memories EP [Pixel Tree Music] 
Igor Brzovic - Mystic Soul [BM Slim] 
Igor Brzovic - Muscle Dystrophy EP [BM Slim] 
Igor Brzovic - Legal Problems EP [BM Slim] 
Igor Brzovic - Love Story EP [BM Slim] 
Igor Brzovic - Stupid Woman EP [BM Slim]

Sean Danke - Belgur EP [BM Slim] 
Anton Sever - I Can Fly [Dialtone Records] 
Vikte - Sarcasm [Endemic Digital] 
Aldo Brionne - 3:30 [Popart Music]


Best Of Disco House 2010-2011 [Club Femme] 
Haute Couture: House Session Volume 5 [Final House Spain] 
Doppelganger presents Techhouse Almanac 2010 [Doppelganger] 
Modern House Guide I/J [Wasabi Germany] 
Over The Edge Vol 1 [Play This Track] 
Budenzauber Presents Deep Underground Vol 13 [Budenzauber Germany] 
Deeper Vol 4 [Scrambled Germany] 
Hot Sand Compilation [Popart Music] 
Classic Seduction Compilation [BM Slim] 
Love Introduction Compilation [Popart Music] 
50 Minimal Techno & House: Vol 03 [Minli Music New York] 
Croatia Part 2 [BM Slim] 
Dissolved Reflection: Remixes 3 [Faucet Music] 
Various – Verano [Dialtone Records] 
TECHNO & HOUSE & MORE - [Doppelganger]

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