Monday 24th Oct, 2016


Music was my first love...and still I'm in love!

If you ask him, what is most important in his life...he will answer to you: The Beat, The Drums,
The Bassline...The Rythm of the Heart: HOUSE MUSIC!!!
As long as he can remember he loved music...the Hard Rock of the 70's, the New Romantic Style of the 80's, the Beat of the 90's...in all this years of spinning around he never lost his feeling, always for the next evoluiton step. The reason is maybe that he lived most of his life as a Globetrotter, born in Vienna, growen up in Germany, for short periods he lived in Croatia, Switzerland, Spain and checking out club's all around the Globe as an Partyanimal.

He's DJ career started in 1987 in a small club in Dubrovnik/Croatia, where he played commercial records for the first time. In 1991 his journey took him back to Augsburg/Germany, where he was quickly noticed and regulary hired to play in numerous Club's and Festivals, also in 1993, one sunday morning, he invited some people to a Club in Augsburg just to continue one party – the After Party was born!!! For years was this Club in one basement, almost every sunday morning the last exit for Partypeople! In 1994 he opened his first Club called XTC in Augsburg. After 6 successful years he left Germany and went back to Ljubljana/Slovenia to open a new Club called KRA KRA for students. And in 2002 with the opening of his second Club SING SING he finally discovered he's love for House Music.
One year later he started again to organize After Party's and introduced himself to a larger audience side by side together with UMEK and other important DJ's in Slovenia. The „King of Afterhour“ was born!
From 2005 till 2008 he was resident DJ and promoter of the biggest Club in Ljubljana, called FACTORY,
In 2007 he played for the first time on Ibiza, that year he also celebrated his 40th birtday and 20th anniversary being a DJ together with 30 DJ's and over 1000 friends. The same year he recorded with his production ZERO ABSENCE his first track „ I found a Star“ and produced also a video during the AMNESIA WORLD TOUR 2007 (People from Ibiza). The track became a National Nr.1 hit and after the release for Behold Recordings/Miami he was invited to present the track at 6 gigs during the WMC 2008
Till now he played almost worldwide, from Miami to Ibiza, from London to the island of Pag – the Croatian Ibiza...(Club PAPAYA)...Italy, Turkey, Austria, Spain...etc.

After more then 20 years of playing across the world side by side with the biggest names of Housemusic, 2008 he took a personal break...2011 will be he's year again !!!

Keep on groovin'!

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