Friday 21st Oct, 2016
J Hunsberger
J Hunsberger

J. Hunsberger has been building a reputation as a global player in the tech-house scene while remaining ensconced the relative obscurity of Ontario, Canada's southwestern interior. J's brand of funky, minimal dub tech house is turning heads and twisting hips on dance floors worldwide. Honing his skills as a DJ in the industrial wasteland of Kitchener's infamous tech-house scene for close to a decade, Hunsberger helped longtime friend and production partner Mike Shannon establish Cynosure Recordings in 1999, cranking out esoteric tech-funk from the gear-laden recesses of the Onom Room studio. As one half of the Sunaj Assassins along with Shannon, J. released his earliest material on Cynosure in 2000 before catching the eye of Jeff Milligan's Revolver label. Building on the strength of his Cynosure and Revolver releases, his grip on the Canadian tech-house scene tightened as he was featured as a performer at the 2002 Mutek festival in Montreal. A fixture at Mutek since then, Hunsberger has recently released a 3-track EP on Mutek_Rec, the organization's in-house record label. In 2004 Hunsberger went on to play for audiences in Japan, Chile, and Mexico. International releases followed into 2005 with cuts on Japan's Blank Records, Philly's unfoundsound, and France's Logistic and in 2006 on Steve Bug's Audiomatique. Early 2005 Hunsberger kicked off a monthly event at The Starlight Club, raising the city's profile a few notches with capacity crowds getting the full treatment from Egg, Mossa, The Mole, Jeff Milligan, Adam Marshall, Safety Scissors, Deadbeat, Crackhaus and Akufen, among others. J is known for his production techniques that combine unsettling field recordings with his own warped vocals, blended and synthesized with the abused squeals of his synths and drum machines. His musical output, both as finished tracks and live performances, is a study of ticks, flicks and clicks, the fusion of two-stepping break beats and the steady techno 4/4, and a signature clipped vocoder slur that conjures half-heard conversations in a robotic insane asylum.


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