Friday 21st Oct, 2016
Jack Rock
Jack Rock

In his home-town of Aarhus, Denmark, Jack Rock is a well-known dj and party organizer. He was one of two brains behind the legendary "Röv" club nights in 2002 bringing techno back to Aarhus at a time of deep house and RnB. Right now he is part of the infamous OPP-crew who organize a line of very popular illegal raves at various locations. As a producer, Jack Rock is rooted in a profound and geeky love for the technical and experimental side of sound technology. He has a university background in both sound theory and interactive sound design, and he has created sonic environments for both art installations and theatre. Musically his base is 90's electronica such as Autechre and Aphex Twin. In high school he discovered partying, though, and things took a turn towards progressive house and trance. These were the genres that got him started as a dj as well. Soon he got tired of the cheese and started diving into breakbeat and techno instead. Today he is making his moves both as a dj and producer in the post-minimal techno scene where there is plenty of room for trancy elemenents to break through the wall of sound. He has a strong focus on the rythmic side of things but likes to keep his productions and dj-sets "musical" in the sense of tones and harmonic elements. Expect a musical journey that borders on the clichés but keeps a clean distance from decidetly bad taste. Make no mistake: Jack Rock is a puritan at heart, but equipped with a pair of romanticist ears!


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