Saturday 22nd Oct, 2016

Pack the plates, put the shakers in there, sax, the Fender Rhodes, drums machines, percussions, and off to Nachtdigital. Excited. First show together. What are we getting into here?- On the stage? In front of the stage? unbelievable how it just flows while everybody's flipping out. A woman approaches and gives us a flower, the heavens open.

2010 is a special year. For Marbert Rocel. For Mathias Kaden. And for Michael Nagler. The start of a live presentation of their musical signature; a new house sound. From Thuringia they knew each other for a long time. Between Jena, Erfurt and Gera they often crossed each other's paths. Also at festivals. Unfortunately they mostly played at the same time and always missed the show and each other. Why not do something together? The idea emerged when it was time and was only realized during the 13th Nachdigital. Thanks to the festival booking agents. Actually they requested the Messers Rocel and Kaden if they would play together after their individual sets. A set, sure. Mathias brought Michael Nagler to the table and a short time later Karocel had it's start.

A year later the field trip continued. The spontaneous, freely fromed and driving charm of the Nachdigital excursion made the rounds of the scene. Without a record packed away Karocel was invited to play Fusion and the Source festivals. It followed that renowned clubs began requesting that something that they brought to the stage. Always the visuals being just how they should be, and the demands of the moment held open, reacting to the location and people, having fun.

While each followed their own projects and stories, touring the world and releasing records, Karocel grew to become a band in it's own right. At some point there was a new idea: an album. In the studio, write new tracks. In Leipzig – the home away from home for Marbert Rocel – they all got together in fall 2012 for three jam-sessions. Again, they went all in. And it worked quite well. "We fit well together", a sentence that is part and parcel when talking about Karocel.

2013 is thereby yet another, special year for the band. Freude am Tanzen released with "Plaited" not only the 10 finest moments of the sessions – the album itself deepens the feeling of all six protagonists of Karocel. The announced tour through Europe is on it's way.

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