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Larry Heard
From: USA
Larry Heard

Larry Heard (born May 31, 1960) is a Memphis, Tennessee-based musician[1] widely known for the Chicago-based house music he produced in the mid-1980s and continues to produce today. He was leader of the influential group Fingers Inc. and has recorded solo under various names, most notably Mr. Fingers. His smooth, warm production style with soulful vocals and long instrumental passages that spearheaded the subgenre known as deep house.

Born on the South Side of Chicago, Heard grew up hearing jazz and Motown at home, and could play several instruments from a young age. Before beginning his solo musical career in 1983, he was a member of the bands Infinity (a Jazz-fusion cover group that included Adonis) and Manhattan Transfer. He also worked for the US government as a benefit authorizer, which enabled him to buy his first studio equipment.

His musical influence can be heard in the songs of countless artists. For those who appreciate warm and passionate compositions and lyrics, Larry´s music is pure magic. Larry has been blessed with a unique gift that sends listeners into a blissful euphoric state.

One of his first releases in 1986 was a collaboration with singer Robert Owens, released under the group name "Fingers Inc.". The song "Mystery of Love" instantly became a classic hit, rising to ..10 on the Billboard Dance charts.

1988 saw the release of the beautiful & groundbreaking double album entitled "Another Side", showcasing the unstoppable talents of Larry, Robert, and vocalist Ron Wilson. Since then, he has released several dance/r&b/ambient albums that have kept fans satisfied while gaining waves of new listeners.

Recent releases like "Loosefingers" are a stunning testament to his artistic integrity. Never one to sacrifice expression for economic awards, Larry continues to retain his unique and inviting sound. For us who have heard his voice and music, we wouldn´t have it any other way!


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