Sunday 23rd Oct, 2016

Larule was born in a little village in Poland. A couple of years later his family decided to move to Germany. There Larule came in contact with "break dance" and heard "rockit" by Herbie Hancock for the first time. It was his sister who showed him the music by "Kraftwerk" and that was the time when Larule fell in love with electronic music. During the next few years larule`s family moved several times and he got to know very different people at very different places of Germany, what influenced his style. At the end of the 80`s he was very much interested in "heavy metal" and bought his first own electronic guitar, and closely after founded his first band named "Zero Zone Exit". They played a mixture of "Depeche Mode" and "Nine Inch Nails" and were quite successful in their city. But shortly after they separated and Larule decided to go his own way. In the mid-90`s he met Juergen Maurer, the owner of the music-store "Musik & Service". Juergen had a great influence on Larule`s life and today is one of the most important persons to him. Juergen showed him Blues and Jazz and taught him everything he knows about music. During a "Cubase-workshop" Juergen introduced Larule to DJ "Naughty" and Naughty showed Larule what a DJ does. Larule fell in love with DJing right away and it took only a few days until he bought his first own DJ-set. He then practiced every single day and it also didn`t take long until he had his first show at a local club. In 2004 Larule started to produce his own songs and he found two labels which wanted to work together with him. 2007 his first track "Kosmonaut" was published by USB-Digital.

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