Saturday 22nd Oct, 2016

Lemos (George Laimos) learned to play the piano at the age of 6 followed by 4 years of guitar and finally some clarinet lessons. He then bought his first PC at the age of 19 and started experimenting with sounds and grooves. His sound soon settled somewhere between house and techno with lots of jazz and classical elements. His first release saw daylight on Popnebo's label Balkon Recording' in 2006.

In 2007 Lemos collaborated with Kreon and became Kreon & Lemos. They fused influences and produced a different style to their solo productions. Resopal was the label that believed in them and released their first ep as Kreon&Lemos which had an unexpected impact on the whole dance scene.
Following on from this, their Roza ep on Be Chosen was the one that showed that these 2 guys had a lot of stuff in their artistic mind. Lookooshere ep on Resopal Red confirmed this. It was a rather difficult and jazzy effort, but feedback was positive and the likes of Josh Wink, Laurent Garnier, Luciano, The Wighnomy Brothers, Hans Nieswandt, Kiki, Onur Özer and Move D were using it as a mainstay in their sets.

Lemos took another approach with his friend Chevy that got signed to Be Chosen. It was called Woman's Key, a key most of us would like to own.

Lemos has collaborated with fellow musicians such as Cookie, Feeboy & Liberto. They have have released on labels such as Resopal Red, Below, Balkon, Be Chosen and Unlove. Their Tracks got licensed to Get Physical's „Body Language - Six" mixed by Junior Boys and The Wighnomy Brothers latest mix cd „Metawuffmischfelge" and their tunes got remixed by artists such as Anthony Collins, Art Bleek and The Wighnomy Brothers again...

2008 also sees Ibiza legend Alfredo adding a Kreon & Lemos track (Lookooshere) to his We Love Space 08 mix. Marking a great year for the two.
Late 2008 will bring a debut album on Resopal Red as well as a live concept of a full band for tours, festivals and special occasions.

Who knows what 2009 will bring - but in the eyes of many respected musicians such as Crosstown Rebels, Audio Werner, Ricardo Villalobos, Anja Schneider, Shinedoe, Karotte, Layo, Raresh or Robag Wruhme these are just the early hours of a rising star!


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