Friday 21st Oct, 2016
Len Faki
Len Faki

When Len Faki moved to Berlin in 2003, he already looked back to years of fruitful productivity and the management of two highly acclaimed Techno labels: Monoid and Feis.

His move to Berlin marked a decisive turning point in his career. With Len Series he founded an independent platform for his idea of Techno music. The basic concept including sub labels allows him to explore musical depths and artistic freedom.

His strong appearances at OstGut (Berlin) culminated in his residency at Berghain (the former OstGut), a position which further fuelled his open-minded approach as both DJ and producer. The characteristic extra-long DJ sets force him to vary in tone, style and feed him with extra inspiration.

At Berghain, he also launched the Podium night, a quarterly event where he invites his colleagues from all over the world. This step also resulted in the birth of his sub label Podium with releases by Raudive (aka Oliver Ho) or Shinedoe Tony Rohr und 2000 And One. Right with his first offshoot, he stormed the cases and charts of top DJs/producers such as Luke Slater, Sven Väth and Ivan Smagghe.

While figure sees his own releases in loose combination with artist's remixes, Podium features exclusive artist releases in combination with his own work.

It is an open platform taking care of a variety of electronic music. It clearly focuses on the Techno floor, but always with a rich diversity in mind. Consistent with this orientation, Len will relaunch his label Figure after a short creative break with a diversified repertoire. With remixes by Radioslave and Luke Slater among others, he plans to work artist oriented. 

Len also produced a record for the Berghain label OstGut Ton ("Rainbow Delta/Mekong Delta", O-Ton 04), which was heavily supported by a lot of renowned djs. This ep is the result of Len's monthly sets at Berghain, where he usually starts at 7 am on Sunday mornings. The tracks have recently been remixed by Jerome Sydenham and Adam Beyer (to be released in June on OstGut Ton).

His communicative DJ style marks him as a true gentleman behind the turntable, an artist whose sets are based on passion and beauty. His fingertips are like sensors on the Richter scale, and anticipate as well as trigger eruptions on the floor. The place to meet the phenomenon could be Berlin, Brazil, Spain, Japan or Belgium.


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