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Luca Ricci
Luca Ricci

Luca Ricci the talented up and coming Italian DJ and Producer was born and raised on a small island named Ischia in the Gulf of Naples. Luca first discovered his love for music as a young teenager while watching DJs spin all night at a local club. Later Luca received a video from a friend entitled; “DMC World Championship” and he began mixing and scratching, sometimes spending up to 5-6 hours a day practicing on his turntables. He began DJing at friend’s parties performing “free-style shows” and eventually was invited by a local bar to play his first “real gig”. His sound has progressed from his days of emulating the likes of Public Enemy, Beastie Boys and Run DMC, but his infatuation of music is still his driving force.

In 1998 Luca set off on an adventure that would forever change his life. He moved to London, England to nurture and develop his passion for music. Although the adjustment was difficult, Luca met well-regarded international DJs and Producers alike and developed working relationships with many of them. As a result, he began producing and remixing some powerful tracks and recognition for his work ensued.

Luca’s track "The Inside That Counts" - Dub Tronic, Age One (Italy,UK), has been heard on dance floors around the world. And in 2003 under the pseudonym of When is Dark, “The Love You Need” – Renaissance (UK), Stereo (Spain), Re-Vox (Italy), Kaos (Portugal) took everyone by storm. This great tribal bomb has been described as “A decadent house track that will etch itself into your body and mind” (Simon Jones’ review at Progessive Sounds)……….and it does….

“Una Historia de Amor”, Luca’s most recent release on the Italian label Mo-Do, has been receiving great reviews from different electronic dance music media outlets. Dance Club magazine in Portugal rated it 10 out of 10, stating that “….the kick is hot and contagious….” This single and others have been charted by numerous DJs worldwide, such as: Tom Stephan, The Low End Specialists, John Creamer, Peter Rauhofer, Midnight Society, DJ Chus amongst others.

Luca’s productions go from Deep to Tech House, Tribal and Progressive. When asked to explain his favourite type of music, Luca responds, “Any music that gives me emotions and feelings…..for me, music is an art-form. I play from deep to dirty sexy tribal house into progressive.” His taste and unique style which he translates into his records, has captured the attention of some of the world’s best DJs, such as: Danny Tenaglia, Chus & Ceballos, Peace Division, X-press2, Steve Lawler, John Creamer & Stephan K, Tom Stephan, Peter Rauhofer, Boy George, Satoshi Tomiie, The Low End Specialists, Danny Rampling, Timo Maas, Dj Vibe, Antoine909, Desyn Masiello, Omid 16b, Saeed & Palash, Ralf, Ricky Montanari, Claudio Coccoluto, Alex Neri, M.A.S.Collettive and many others.

In addition to producing under his name, Luca has also released works under different project names: when is dark, aenaria, vibe junction, vesdino and against the grain. The latter is band composed of three individuals, Luca Ricci (DJ & Producer), Diego Dari (Producer & Guitarist) and Jane Kumada (Singer & Songwriter)

Against the Grain was formed after a strong will to create a deep meaningful project, where each track would have a strong lyrical concept based around the darker sides of life but focusing on positive resolutions. By fusing haunting beats, electronic sounds and guitars with emotional songs ATG has truly created a unique sound! The band has released 2 singles and a third is expected to be released in the near future.

Luca Ricci is a talent to be watched. His sound and style make him a favourite anywhere he plays. His music has taken clubbers on a voyage - connecting their minds to their bodies with the drum beats as their guide.

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