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The man who is a volcano incredible energy EDM. Has a nickname among friends "POWERMAC"!

“20 years ago, the largest U.S. radio gave promotion, playing, David Guetta. Thus was born the Great Star of David Guetta. Now the same radio promotes Mac Demetrius! It is a great success, the more that the proposed addition to the regular ridge Pole on the radio function of residence! The good Mac Demetrius assumed to Radio FG USA! It’s a real honor to worldwide success and honor for any artist in the world.”



Mac Demetrius, has recently in statements the most important producers and music stars. Just an ordinary boy, coming from a poor family. Even when he had eight years he played the keyboard on the streets. Family was not accept of music way as a future profession, which chose Mac. Mac, however, never has the pressure, even when you do not have enough to eat, and the situation did not improve for weeks. Before he started making money through music, order to survive was cashier, salesman, waiter - but no job did not last long. Mac finished music school and exceeded the threshold of adulthood before he already had appearances in Paris Jelaouse Club. He has always been close to music and live in accordance with their convictions. Therefore, the way was significantly harder. As he says, "I love played." He started mixing in sub-clubs, the proverbial "few cents" or for free. He did it just goes order to be able enjoy amazing contact with the audience, which is always lively and enthusiastically responsive to his performances. So I've left. "Every day a modest Mac, going out the scene of an amazing metamorphosis passes and changes in a real volcano wild energy and passion" - this says the artist associates. In fact, the Mac Demetrius exist only emotions and vibes between him and his fans. "I always try to play at 100%, and also give so much of myself. Playing, I'm not saying I'm sorry, I do not know compromises, it's all about, truth "- says Mac. In fact Mac, creates energy, each time he rediscover playing again, and so on. In fact, it is exactly as in music, that has no boundaries and does not like restrictions. It is one of the very few DJs who can play several musical instruments and thus create new, custom remixes, not limited only to the sets. A huge breakthrough in the work of Mac Demetrius occurred after a meeting with internationally recognized musicians and Radio FG USA. It was the year 2012. It was the received very enthusiastically by the audience and the artists that he met. His friends - WILL 2 B and Gio Bonanno (Sony Music), the first publicly expressed its appreciation for the play Mac Demetrius. The artist, from day to day has more and more fans. Both in terms of his club sound, as well as pop and hip-hop. All through the singers, which he began to invite to cooperate. The artist appreciates the cooperation of musicians, among others. Marcin Swiderski, Will 2 B, Mat Stuntman and others. You might think, that the life of Mac it's fun until the morning, beautiful women, sea ​​of alcohol. Yes, everything is correct, but the musician uses only some of the attractions, offered him a job and passion at the same time. As if this were not enough, he is faithful to only one woman - Promised become stale with his wife, Joan, who always supported him and his manager. He likes to play with the mix, has great contact with the audience, which form one body. It combines work with passion gives a new dimension of Sounds for the music.

...“Music is essential to my life.”...
Mac Demetrius

Mac Demetrius

Resident FG DJ Radio will play the Biggest Electronic Music Festival in the U.S. July 24, 2013!

Currently, electronic dance music groups together the largest youth movement. The largest and most prestigious creator and promoter of this genre of music in the world is FG DJ Radio. Poland recently can be proud appreciated artist in the field of music and already well-known in the world. Mac Demetrius is the latest discovery of electronic and club music. Recognizable face on the scene DJ International Mac Demetrius is a guy who devoted himself completely to music. He began his career as a DJ at parties organized by friends, only to be recognized in many clubs and on many events leading global brands such as Bentley, Lamborghini and William Rast. He remembers well the time when taken ridiculed him for making music selection. Each time, playing shows that have real skills and his innovative and energetic mixing makes the Mac is becoming one of the most promising artists in the present time. The concept of his own Deep House club music has evolved over the years from a typical urban events for mass events. Matured in their own world of sounds and sport and its greatest heroes have always been Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercure and Bruce Lee. Has its own distinctive style, which is a compilation of it sounds fascinating. This is a House with lots of climaxes, surprising effects and explosive bits and his unique style energizes the crowd easily. Being a DJ is in addition to the self-other good sides and its sounds are so many friends and getting to know the taste of fame, which is not the most important thing for him. He is still focused on his passion - music and fans and... woman. Currently Mac Demetrius occurs in many events and many clubs and its characteristic deep sets are becoming increasingly popular with large, demanding audience. Mac Demetrius will play the Biggest Electronic Music Festival organized in the United States which will be due 24/07/2013 FG DJ Radio. Pole was an amazing dream come true, it takes, and every day is more intense because of his talent and work, and emphasizes repeatedly Mac:

Thanks to the overwhelming support WILL 2 B and a lot of people making huge FG DJ Radio family of the USA, FG DJ Radio Europe and FG DJ Radio Mexico . Mac Demetrius, who took residency at Radio FG USA play among the stars of the most recognizable DJs in the world who contribute to the greatest radio, such as Tara MC Donald, Prok + Fitch, Sistar Bliss, Richard Grey, Jesse Vogrn, Felix Leiter, Chocolate Puma, Tristan Garner, DJ Paulette, Roul and Doors, B.Liv, Mednas, Diamond Dealer, Slander, Franke Steel, Jason Drazen, Charlie Arcane, Greg May, Michael Canitrot, Sad Darco, Eric The Tutor, ADDK, Jason Drazen Chris B, Carl Ramos, Midnight Beats, Axel Beca, Marco Cantell, Disco Damage, Eman, Lunde Bros, Massive Vibes, Kinetic Rec, Cobra Voyage, Steaetronique, Steven Benerjee, Sick Boy, Gregori Klosman, Mike Bugout, Arano Pena, FukiFlex, Michael Weramets, Jared Dietch, Alexander Technique, Sem Thomasson, Tom Swoon, Greg May, Adrien Mezsi, VIC, Angelo Scalici, Luke Garcia, Nari & Milani, David Hopperman, Party Killers, Andre Saint-Albin Blaqwell, Tony Romera, Erick La Peau, DJ Noodles, Mac Demetrius, Frank Don, DJ Deanne, Frank Bizzle and many other stars.

art. Poland.US

Mac Demetrius Is one of the world'smost distinctive DJ club scene... .

His mother has Polish roots. However, he had frequent changes of residence (Goes, Amsterdam, Duseldorf, London, Malmo).
At age 8, he began learning to play the keyboard, which turned into learning to play the piano, accordion and singing ina music

school. At age 15, he began mix his first vinyls, and a DJ job at the age of 18 years In 2000-2002, worked for the Paris Club.

He co-founded the label M & J Records. In 2008 released his first studio album Essentials, and then in 2012 showed The record

The Beats by Mac Demetrius in 2011 Sexy Ladies. In 2011 was established its sixth single career “That’s Life II”. Mac Demetrius

appeared in the advertising of alcoholic brands Metaxa company Saaten – Union and Martini company Bacardi

– Martini Desperados and a commercial for TV TVN which is announced Program Top Model. His single “Just Stand Up!

- The Beats by Mac Demetrius” appeared in an advertisement for an international project UFO UFO 2011 and 2012.In 2009,

Mac Demetrius has recorded the single “Rock the Boat”, “Excitement”. In September 2010, the company Schwarzkopf and Elite

Model Look Mac Demetrius invited to play in the final gala Gala Schwarzkopf Elite Model Look 2010 and starred to the song

NO MORE DRAMA. In 2010 Mac Demetrius was selected by the Generation Fitness magazine as The Best DJ in 2010 promoting

a new style of the DJ – s and appeared on the cover of the July number, 2010 Generation Fitness Magazine. In October 2011,

he started the clothing line B * B * M * C Beat By Mac Club. The author of the collection intended for people who love music and

fashion, is the wife of Mac Demetrius, Joanna Krawczykowska. In 2012, he released a new album called Glamour is back, where

there were music stars Pop Music – m.in . Madonna in pieces In The Party!, I Love New York and Queen Japan, Kelly Rowland

– ( Lookin ‘At You), Justin Timberlake. Radio FG: Home to the most famous DJs in the world, they contribute to the programming

of the radio: Bob Sinclar & Carl Cox Every Friday, David Guetta, Tiesto & Armin Van Buuren Every Saturday. The contributors to

the programming of Radio FG also include: Benny Benassi, Cédric Gervais, Robbie Rivera, Roger Sanchez, Hed Kandi,

Bimbo Jones, Antoine Clamaran, Alex Gaudino, David Vendetta, Michael Canitrot, Sébastien Benett, Laidback Luke, David

Morales, Defected, Chuckie, Paul Van Dyk, David Morales, etc. and now Mac Demetrius!


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