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Marc Antona
Marc Antona

Marc Antona has been spreading for years his unique sound across the world, producing advanced underground music and performing live and DJ-sets in the most famous clubs...

Marc had been producing and releasing his explorative and unique electronic music on labels such as Mobilee, Highgrade, Freak N’Chic or Micro-Fibres for years. Nothing more than a few hits had already been produced through his former imprint "Micro-Fibres", among them "Sharks" or "Neurons", topped at all charts first places... In addition, Marc quickly added signings at prestigious labels which sounds fitted perfectly his universe : more hits came out of these releases, as "Xtension" on Freak N’ Chic, "One more sugar" on Mobilee or "Not a serious thing" on Sender records !

It was in 2010 that Marc Antona felt the time was right to embark on the entirely independent project Dissonant. Over the year that followed, not only did Marc put out three highly praised EPs on his label, he also built and nurtured its concept to what is now the home of his first full length album ‘Rules Of Madness’. Exposing the hidden grooves within the beats and kicks, "Rules Of Madness" features ten tracks of organic music full of hidden melodies and underlying emotional ambiance whilst keeping the pumping vibe experienced in his dj-live sessions. Thru his first album on Dissonant, Marc shows his own creative vision of what he wants to be sexy underground music.

Marc Antona’s Iberian influence is laid bare throughout : having his own studio in Ibiza, he fondly says that the white island has "so much contrast between the peaceful nature and the amazing clubbing scene, with so much energy that ideas are plentiful when it's time to make music .”
Throughout his journey and discoveries as a musician, Marc’s passion for "creating musical trips, taking people into his world and making them enjoy the changes of moods from happiness to melancholy, from energy-pumping moments to relaxing deep waves" has developed and is now clearly on point with his latest tracks.

Marc Antona is part of Cadenza’s Vagabundos adventure, and plays regularly on the Vagabundos tour with Luciano and the Cadenza’s team. As well as Dissonant’s development is ensured by Cadenza Booking.

Matter of fact, for the mind and spirit, but also for the dance floor and everything in between, Marc has performed many times dj-sets at legendary clubs, such as Fabric (London), Panorama Bar, Watergate, Week-end (Berlin), Space, Pacha (Ibiza), Rex (Paris), Goa (Roma), Tenax (Firenze), Barraca (Valencia), Goa @ Fabrik (Madrid), D-Edge (Sao Paulo), Street Parade (Zürich), Circo Loco (London, Lausanne) ... to name but a few…

Marc Antona’s music is the best proof that techno can be sensual… 

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Booking :
Bud – Dissonant / Cadenza Booking

Discography :

Rules of madness LP Dissonant Sept 2011 DSCD001
Rules of madness Part 4 EP Dissonant Sept 2011 DS007
Rules of madness Part 3 EP Dissonant Sept 2011 DS006
Rules of madness Part 2 EP Dissonant Aug 2011 DS005
Rules of madness Part 1 EP Dissonant Jul 2011 DS004
Not the fool EP (inc. Reboot Remix) Dissonant Apr 2011 DS003
The owl EP Dissonant Dec 2010 DS002
Rootz EP Dissonant Sept 2010 DS001
Cotton Mobilee Jul 2010 MOB068
Omega Highgrade May 2010 HG075
Hawah EP Micro-Fibres Sept 2009 MF007
Red faces EP Highgrade Jun 2009 HG063
Day after day after day EP Micro-Fibres Dec 2008 MF005
Simple Venus EP Mobilee Oct 2008 MOB044
Warehouse Espirito EP Micro-Fibres Apr 2008 MF004
Blind tested EP Sender Feb 2008 SEND073
Vitamin D / Neurons EP Micro-Fibres Oct 2007 MF003
One more sugar EP Mobilee Jul 2007 MOB027
Pilly Pilly Freak N’ Chic Jun 2007 FNCRDV01
Sharks EP Micro-Fibres May 2007 MF002
XTension EP Freak N’ Chic Apr 2007 FNC021
Save me EP Micro-Fibres Mar 2007 MF001

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