Wednesday 26th Oct, 2016
Miguel Migs
From: USA
Miguel Migs

Miguel Migs stands at the forefront of electronic music's soulful realm and has done so for years, it’s all thanks to being schooled in his parent’s collection of classic rock, blues, funk and soul. Add into that a deep-seated love of reggae and dub, allow it to soak in the California sunshine for a lifetime and sprinkle with a generous helping of creative inspiration and musical experimentation and then you have the sound of Miguel Migs.

Miguel Migs first emerged from the 90s deep house underground scene to become the kind of artist who transcends the stylistic limitations of genre as so very few can. By the mid 90s, Migs – then in his early 20s, and already a DJ – began experimenting with producing electronic dance music. By the time the new millennium dawned, a string of releases and remixes under his own name on numerous leading indie dance labels earned him an enviable reputation among discerning dance music buyers worldwide. In his time, as well as running his own label Salted Music, Miguel has released albums such as 'Colourful You' and 'Outside The Skyline', has collaborated with original disco diva Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, reggae legends Half-Pint and Freddie MacGregor and bossa nova phenomenon Bebel Gilberto amongst others. A globetrotting A-list DJ nominated on a Beatport poll as Best Deep House Producer who, rather than constantly bigging himself up, prefers to let his music do the talking. Thankfully, Migs’ music does much more than that. Just listen.




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