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Mihai Popoviciu
Mihai Popoviciu

Mihai Popoviciu is considered as being one of the best electro producers from Romania and Eastern Europe. Born in 1981, Mihai found himself attracted to the rave scene of the mid 90s and at the age of 15 he discovered house music and detroit techno through Berlin House, a TV show from the german music channel Viva TV. His passion for the electronic sound grew very fast and after 4 years of being obsessed with techno, by the time he was 19, he started producing his own music. Meanwhile, he met The Model, Masstyk and a few other guys who were also producing electronic music, so they decided to start a record label of their own (Elektro.casnice), but the lack of money and experience postponed this for several years.

The best word to describe Mihai's musical work is "eclectic". His productions vary from melodious and melancholic electropop tunes to electro house, from italo to ebm, or from disco to punk. He joined the Gigolo family in the summer of 2004 when he sent a demo to Hell, who decided he should be on International Deejay Gigolos Compilation 8 with the track "Sexy Spenders". A few months later, his first 12, "Tales From The Moon EP" was released on the same record label - Gigolo. The EP got good reviews from top djs like Laurent Garnier, Mick Wills or DJ Chloe. Being a very productive musician, Mihai can also be found on various romanian CD compilations or on netlabels like Arhiva7, FOEM, Sweet Smelling Surfaces, Wazzotic, Timbrico or Exposed Audio.

In 2007, the mighty romanian returns with new vinyl releases on record labels like: Pale Music Berlin, Size Doesn't Matter, Vokuhila and Level Non Zero.

2008 finds him releasing on labels like Subconce, Highgrade and Freunde Tontraeger.

As a dj, Mihai Popoviciu is appreciated for his ability to genuinely combine various electronic music styles like electro, techno, house, italo, ebm or acid. He took up djing in 2004 and he has already played in all major cities from Romania, and abroad in Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary next to big names like DJ Hell, Zombie Nation, Fischerspooner, John Selway, Kiko, SCSI-9, Simon Baker, etc.


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