Wednesday 26th Oct, 2016
From: UK

Born in Timisoara, Romania, in 1988, I’ve lived most of my life over there…Started throwing hardcore/rock parties when I was 14 then progressed to DnB parties when I was 16. I left the country to study and started mixing seriously a little over three years ago, in the US, when I purchased my first DJ console, a Behringer BDJ 2000, and started throwing parties. I have mixed in the US at various parties and in Romania, my native country, at local DnB Sessions on 100Fm, a local radio and in two local clubs, Metal Box and Jazz.

                I have arrived in the UK in September 2007 and I have tried to mix in some clubs but I was always too lazy to record a demo, so I started by holding outrageous parties in my university campus, Canterbury Christ Church University. After I got banned for throwing parties that had more than 150 people in student accommodations, I decided that it was time to take the next step and finally recorded a demo. Of course, the first demo wasn't any good so I never sent it off, but I didn't need to because I have gained reputation from the parties and my friends suggested I start a regular thing, so I sorted out a Romanian Night in The Loft, one of Canterbury's clubs. The night was a complete success, with 60 of us being thrown out after the club shut down because we wouldn't leave. After this night I said, ok, now I’m going to dedicate my time to actually doing something cool, so I finally finished the demo I wanted to send out. ...and I did. A week later, I received a call from the Music Manager of Alberry's, the DnB club of Canterbury, calling me for a test. I went, it went ok, everybody was happy and I got called again and again and again....

Since then I have progressed a lot with my DJ and production skills, I am currently member or organizations/promotion groups such as, Bass-Ment Drum ’N’ Bass & Dubstep, Corruped Dj's, Fiday Deadly Sins and holding my own nights,the Invigor8 Nighs as well as having my own promotion group called Trend Sound, aimed at promoting young artists that compose/sing/mix good music.

My sets and nights consist of styles that I play, including but not limited to:

RnB/Hip-Hop/UK Funky/Funky House/Electro House/Club House/House(all styles)/Dance/Pop/Urban/Dubstep/Drum and Bass/Mash-ups/Indie/Rock

                My mixing skills rely on doing 2-3-4 deck mixes, mostly cd, but I can play vinyl if requested for DnB nights. These skills have been confirmed by various DJ competitions that i entered in, and winning „The Battle of the Student DJ’s” competition, but the biggest one was King of The Decks Dj Competition in which I was the regional winner for the Urban category(rnb/hip-hop/house/dubstep).

                I am currently a resident in most of the major clubs in Canterbury, while being a full-time dj and hosting my own nights in Alberry’s, Canterbury and playing there almost everyday.

                During my club ventures I have played alongside artists such as: Aphrodite, Nicky Blackmarket, Simon 'Bassline' Smith, Slipmatt, Billy Bunter,  Erb 'N' Dub, Dub Zero, Nicole Jane, 3rus TRG and others.

My current projects involve more than just mixing and promoting, I currently produce tracks and mash-ups for radio shows or other artists, create flyers/posters for events and also intros/outros/dj tools etc. 

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