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Nathan Drew Larsen
From: USA
Nathan Drew Larsen

Left-of-center Chicago House musician and producer Nathan Drew Larsen got his start DJing in the early 90s at loft parties in Chicago, where he also met his musical soul mates Mazi (Audio Soul Project) and Justin Long. There he fell in love with dance music; the raw soulful swingin' synthesized New York street house epitomized by Blackwiz and the then burgening Chicago deep house scene lead by producers like Glenn Underground, Johnny Fiasco, Ron Trent and Chez Damier. Nathan became a dancer jacking to local DJs like Mystic Bill, Derrick Carter, and Roy Davis Jr., whose primitive and spiritual energies carried the experimental hedonistic imprint of the late Ron Hardy. Nathan started releasing his original music in 2000 and since then his songs and remixes have appeared on NRK, 20:20 Vision, Renaissance, Global Underground, Airtight, Cyclo, and Underl_ne, among other labels. Nathan currently records his original music exclusively for Fresh Meat Records, a homespun collaboration between Nathan and Mazi, whose impact on Nathan's work as an engineer, collaborator and co-producer cannot be understated.

Nathan's approach to writing music draws from the many traditions of Chicago's early Deep House scene. His debut release on Mazi's Gourmet Recordings, "Standing Still," featuring the ethereal vocals of Black Pearl, is considered to be a Chicago house classic. Having been released in 2000, the track's essentialized house groove cuts against the droning backdrop of sampled disco, looped beats and minimal programming. Loved in its time by artists divergent as Traxx and Dubfire, it still resonates today. Nathan's sound is always raw but also beautiful. His otherworldly music owed as much in '00 as it does now to his use of vintage instruments, effects and processes. And there is now as there was then Nathan's intention to catch the "first thought, best thought" through performance and improvisation. Through what seems like a reverse prism of House, a spectrum of disparate musical forms, including psychedelica, motoric, "new music" and pop, are compellingly expressed in Nathan's music.

2009 was an exciting year for Nathan and Fresh Meat. "Gothavejor Love," the B-Side to the hit "No One to Care For" by Nathan's side project "House of Black Dress," was re-released with excellent remixes by Bearweasel and Wasted Chicago Youth. Nathan recently finished several projects including Volume 2 of Fresh Meat's compilation album and DJ mix "When Bad People Cook Good Food", "One Time Out of Nine" a new single that was released in early January of this year, edits for Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul) and Wiretappeur (Nils Nurenburg, Florian Kruse, and Stel), and a forthcoming remix for Justin Long on Dotbleep. In 2010 Nathan will be writing more naturalistic house tunes for Fresh Meat and will collaborate with other artists, including recording vocals this winter for the Audio Soul Project album and for Wasted Chicago Youth.


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