Nic Fanciulli
From: UK

Nic started in music at 16, working in a record shop and DJing in local bars in his hometown of Maidstone, Kent. His first proper break came five years ago after slipping unmarked mix tapes to Maidstone's Club Class promoter. After the 3rd tape and a 6-week hunt by the promoter Nic was given a weekly main room residency.

"I'd been going to Club Class since the day it opened, as a punter, it was the club that made me want to be a DJ. My best memory is when Carl Cox played and there was a massive power cut. He managed to get the monitors working by putting a knife in the fuse box and we all danced off the monitors for about 10 minutes - until the sound system kicked in and the place went nuts! I became resident about a year after that and still love it as much as I did then." - Nic

The same year (aged 19) Nic started his own record label: Portent Records. The first track signed was Mojolators 'Drifting', which was then signed on to Multiply after Pete Tong played it for 14 weeks in a row on the Essential Selection.

Through Club-Class, Nic has gained massive respect from DJs across the spectrum. His style weaves through all levels of house; laced with deep tech grooves, acid b-lines and jackin' dark beats. Xpress2 proclaimed him their tip for the top in October 2002, whilst Tong said he was the finest resident in the UK as well as props from Yousef, Deep Dish, Morillo and Lawler along the way.

In 2003, as Nic's profile began to build he signed to Club Class Artiste Management, he played for Cream in the UK and Ibiza, for the Radio 1 weekends in Ibiza, Miami and Cardiff and the Radio 1 Outdoor stage at Homelands. Plus gigs at Shindig, Passion, Circus, Type, and in September last year he started a new residency with The Gallery at Turnmills on the first Friday of every month. The residency continues throughout 2004 and Nic's room (T2), called Fandango, is purely for him to invite DJs he has long respected and to push the finest new-breed through the ranks - so far including Rocky and Diesel (X-Press2), Yousef, Paul Woolford, Krysko, MYNC, Mark Knight, Nils Noa, Desyn Masillo, Greg Vickers and more to come.

MTV tipped Nic for the top in their young-guns series, he mixed a covermount CD for Mixmag and in May 2003 Nic did his first ever Radio 1 Essential Mix, where Tong tipped him as one of the finest residents and best up-and-coming producers in the UK.

Nic's production and remix work (under his Skylark banner - produced with Andy Chatterly) also stepped up a gear in 2003, pushing him through as both an artist and DJ. His remixes of Jo Mills' 4Tune 500 'Dancin in the Dark' achieved 'Essential New Tune' status, whilst his remixes of Sandy Rivera's 'I Cant Stop' (Deep Vision) and Deep Dish's 'Prahna The Dream' (Yoshitoshi) cemented his reputation as one to watch. In August 2003 Nic once again achieved Essential New Tune with his own production work with 'That's More Like It' - now signed to one of the hottest labels in the UK - Credence Records and was released in March 04 complete with a re-rub from one of the finest producers, DJ Pierre.

Forthcoming in 2004, expect more remixes for Deep Dish's label Yoshitoshi, Chiapet's 'Westworld' and Dish's Flashdance coming soon, he's remixed Paul Woolford's 'Mind Over Matter' and has completed a return remix for DJ Pierre's 'Turn It Up' on Credence. The follow up to That's more like it, a re edit of Tears for Fears 'Shout' has been widely acclaimed as THE tune for Ibiza 04 and has been picked up by Tears for Fears for release as a single no less !!! This tune is being hammered by Danny Howells, Pete Tong, Steve Lawler, Hernan Cattaneo, Greg Vickers and Deep Dish.

Nic has been signed up by Deep Dish's DJ agency 'Bullitt' for representation in most of the world, this has led to confirmed dates all over America and Europe the highlight's being a 2 week tour of the US, tours of Asia and Festivals in Hungary, Helsinki and Dance Valley in August !!!

Vanessa Fontaines 'Represents' look after Nic in the UK and Ibiza, with dates at Shindig, Kelly's, Type, Circus, Cool House amongst others and his ongoing Club-Class and Fandango residencies… Nic's profile in the UK couldn't be bigger… In Ibiza dates for Cream @ Amensia plus Pure and Yoshitoshi @ Pacha this coming summer look set to cement his reputation on the white isle….

If this wasn't enough Nic has recently been asked to mix the new series of Mixmag 'Live' a compilation CD which Nic will be doing this summer, an accompanying tour will surround the release of this CD in September !! In past years other DJs to do this have included Carl Cox and Laurent Garnier no less….

Finally there's the small matter of being asked to join R1 which Nic has agreed to do as one of the resident DJ's - Head Honcho Matt Priest of R1 quoted 'We're delighted to add Nic to our dance - 

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