Saturday 22nd Oct, 2016
Nima Gorji
From: IRAN
Nima Gorji

Nima Gorji, was born in Teheran in 1972. His father being a guitarist, Nima got into music very young. At the age of 5, he was already listening carefully to his father while staying in the backstage with his mother. After the iranian revolution in 1979, his family escaped from the country, and after several trial to live in germany, they finally settle down in Denmark in 1984 where he got his citizenship.

In Denmark his passion for music got bigger , and Nima started to play keyboards in a band strongly influenced by Depeche Mode, New Order and such like. In 1989 he does his first demo recording in a professional studio , meantime attending classes at the music school of Denmark.

Right after the school, in 1990 he meets his "mentor" who teaches him to spin vinyl. From that moment his love for vinyl never stopped. For the next couple of years Nima concentrate only about djing. In 1998 he releases his first tracks as menimax on logic records, and starts achieving great success in Scandinavia through his own productions as black powder and events as verydisco.

Nima decided in 2005 to settle down in Ibiza where he play regularly in all the clubs like Space, Pacha and Privilege, Sankeys and receives the Ibiza resident dj award in 2010.He also produces various tracks released on his own labels Welt recordings and NG tracks... and many others like Bla Bla Music,Murmur, Cecille, Oslo, International Freakshow, Jesus Loved You, Off recordings or Tanzbar to name few of them. Meantime, you can find him spinning worldwide ... his sets are always unique and surprising, whilst implementing his timeless love of vinyl in his performances.

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