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Obrotka aka Goodspeed
Obrotka aka Goodspeed

He was born on the 12nd of may in 1974. in Budapest. He started his music carrier in the elementary school. It was specialized for music education. Goodspeed was the memeber of the child choir, and they travelled around the country, made concerts. The choir also attend in different music contests and performed succesfully. He also learned to play on a piano for four years and on flute for 8 years. He countinoued his study at the College in Balassagyarmat, and he was one of the main and active memeber of the local collegue radio. He also started to Djing every Saturday at his Hometown. Later he became a resident DJ at the Vecsés Csillag Disco. Later he played reuglarry in the Napsugár and Jump. As a popular DJ he received invitation to all the main clubs of the area. He played the style and technique of that age, played popular rap and hiphop records and later house tracks. He founded the famous Malev Pool party series in Ferihegy. 1994 was the big breakthrough in his life, when he started to work in the Black Market Record Shop in Budapest, and he get to know all the important representers of the Hungarian Club scene.From1995 he started to play with DJ Clark at Saigon, and he stated to play house music. Panorama at Rakoskeresztúr followed Saigon, where he played regulary at the afterparties. In 1996 he joined the Club E-Play with Leslie and they were the residents of the Housefive Fridays and Saturdays, an exclusive party series. In 1997 he asked to be the resident at Kepi Blanc but he also played around the country with Clark on special promotional tours. (Semtex, Warp 4). Before 1999 he worked at Ozone record shop, then later on he became the member of the Underground Records crew. From 2000 he is the promoter of outdoor parties and gigs around the countryside, and he is regulary playing in different clubs and gigs.. He launched his own recordshop from the begining of 2008, where he is selling records, CDs and DJ equipments. His own radio program starts of Marches, of 2009 with a title „Space Disco” in www.justmusic.fm. Where is Leslie and Nasty, the two other members, from „Space Disco” trio’s audible in all Wednesday, in the evening 22.00-00.00. live.

Gigs; Island Festival, Budapest Parade, Parade Bonus, Hyperspace, Experience, Pacha, Home Club, Dokk Club, Bed club, Eventshall, Citadella, Bank Dance Hall, Blade, E-Play, Club Speed, Garage Café, Supersonic Technicum, Coronita, Dokkoló, Club Cool…..etc.

He played along with DJ-s like:

Tiesto, Hernan Cattaneo, Seb Fontaine, Dave Seaman, Jeff Mills, Mylo, Paul van
Dyk, X-Press 2, James Zabiela, Satoshi Tomiie, Scarlett Etienne, Tiefschwarz, Savas
Pascalidis, Lexicon Avenue, Felipé, Robbie Rivera, Lucien Foort, Tom Stephan,
Scumfrog, Tim Deluxe, Kai Tracid, Marcus James, Smokin’ Jo, James Holden, Chris
Gainer, Paul Rogers, Duncan Forbes, Matthew Dekay, Quivver, Solee….etc…


2008 dec: Record Shop pres. Space Disco mixed by Goodspeed ASTR001CD
2010 sept: Goodspeed : Astronaut Voices -Soundtribe Rekords compilation release
2011 jan: Obrotka : Who needs Enemies DD030
2011 mar: Obrotka : Who needs Enemies ENEMIES001 12"
2011 jun: Obrotka : Who needs Enemies -Wasabi records compilation release
2011 oct: Goodspeed : Stage Whisper ASTR002
2011 dec: Goodspeed : Astronaut Voices ASTR003
2012 feb: Night Shift (Parquet rec compilation release -Goodspeed:Stage WHisper-Solee
2012 apr: Obrotka : Who needs Enemies Remixes ABSTR001
2012 jun: Ibiza 2012 (Compilation release : Obrotka : WNE Jay Bliss rmx)
2012 jul: Alone in the Minimal House (Compilation release : Obrotka : WNE rmx)
2012 jul: 100 Tracks Minimal Techno (Compilation release : Obrotka : WNE rmx)
2012 sept: Electronic Feelings (Compilation release : Obrotka : WNE Jay Bliss rmx)
2012 nov: Best of Minimal 2012 (Obrotka - WNE rmx)
2013 feb: Tech-House 2013 100Tracks vol.2. (Obrotka - WNE Rmx)
2013 apr: Tanzwiese 009 (Compilation release : Goodspeed : AV - Oliver Schories rmx)
2013 may: Obrotka : Dibalo ABSTR002 12"+Dig
2013 aug: Obrotka : You ready to kick some ass? (ABSTR003 12"+Dig)
2013 nov: Obrotka : I was a bear in my previous life ABSTR004 (ABSTR004 12"+Dig
2013 nov: Goodspeed : Space Disco 2. ASTR007cd






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