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Ost and Kjex
Ost and Kjex

So, what came first, the cheese or the biscuit?

That has been the discussion around many a smorgasbord. If you ask the boys if it was their love for cheesy handbag-house and dance, or the obsession with crunchy fucked up electronic sounds that started it all?

- You won't get a straight answer, but maybe a stupid story like this:

After taking the aliases as Terminator Kjex and Cheesy, two bored Norwegians spent their lifesavings on a big pile of cheese and biscuits, some studio equipment and locked themselves away for about two years. Creating what would become, "Some But Not All Cheese Comes From the Moon". Their debut album based solely on sounds from yes : cheese & biscuits.

The album to their big surprise, awarded them a nomination for best electronica album (Alarm; Norwegian Grammy). Digging their way thru piles of breadcrumbs, smelly cheeses and into the light, Ost & Kjex found people liking their music, but nobody really believed in their modus operandi, the exclusive use of food as sound source.

So much for that appetite, fuck it ?

After weeks of no sleep, less drinking,menthol cigaretts, no music making, ...and bad digestion they finally saw the light and came up with a new mantra :

«To Brie Or Not To Brie - That is the Queso !»

Since then the food boys has awoken, got their hands on some serious sounds and started shredding out tunes aiming at the dance floor.

They have played clubs and festivals around europe as:

The Fabric (UK) , Panorama Bar (DE) , Maria am Ostbahnhof (DE), the Moog club (ES) , The Fusion Festival (DE), Hove Festival (NO),Nu Music (NO) The Villa (NO), Noveau Casino (France) to name a few.

Remember The Fruiture !

In the blessed summer of 2008 the boys stumbled upon Hamburg based Croatian Solomun. A chance meeting resulting in a collaboration track called "Federgewicht" (Featherweight). To be released on Solomuns label Diyanamic in October.
Ost & Kjex will also feature on the upcoming Diyanamic compilation «Saturday Im In Love» with the track «Sick Snack».

«Boston Food Strangler» is set to be released on Modular Records.. mix CD:
«D is For Disco E is For Dancing» in November 2008.

In between liveshows and remixing the busy foodboys are working on their 2nd album.

Their love for electronic music still takes the boys wherever the cheese is fresh and the beats are crunchy, from the Reggiano Parmesan factory in Verona.. to your local waterhole. churning out theatrical performances or fucked-up live sets for the dance floor.

«Hastaluego manchego!»


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