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Paul Brtschitsch
Paul Brtschitsch

Paul is not only a producer; he is also one of the rare genuine German Techno Live Acts. He has played at clubs and festivals all over the world since 1999. His strength is defined by a timeless understanding of music and a distinct accuracy regarding arrangements as well as exploring new sounds. With experiences at the legendary Omen club in Frankfurt during Techno's formative years in Germany in the early 90s and the sound of Detroit as a stylistic checkpoint in mind, Brtschitsch developed his own narrative style over the course of twelve years, accessing a rich sonic pool, which is anything but related to the contemporary.

In 1996 Brtschitsch released his first record on the Tritone label. At the same time he started to work for Neuton, a specialised vinyl distribution company. The same year, he started his own label Taksi with his partner DJ André Galluzzi. Their track "Schneesturm" was picked up by Plus 8 and got a re-release including a Richie Hawtin remix in 2001. The duo also released the full lengths "Rundfahrt" and "Bordell", as well as more tracks on labels like Force Inc., Ongaku and Music Man.

Since 2000 Paul Brtschitsch released three albums under his own name on the Frisbee label to critical acclaim ("Surftronic", "Venex" and "Memory"). He always followed the concept of creating an album like a DJ set - soft build up, hard middle, and consolable ending - without
forgetting to explore never heard sonic spaces. This very concept also applies to Paul 's live sets. When doing so, Brtschitsch does not rely on laptops and software. His set up is much more complex, resulting in the fact that he really is playing live and not triggering loops or arranging his studio material in front of a crowd. His sets last for one and a half to two hours and are always spontaneously crafted according to crowd and atmosphere.

Since 2003 Brtschitsch has also started to leave behind the confinements of Techno by producing material verging on TripHop and Pop. In the summer of 2006 he moved to Berlin and celebrated his dancefloor comeback with "Twirl/Under" on Ostgut Ton. In the following year Paul founded his
own label Rootknox with the philosophy of an interactive developing tree: "together from the roots up to the treetop". Several tracks were already released on Rootknox, which are en vogue from Europe over the USA to Russia and Japan.

In 2008 Paul co-produced Anja Schneider's first album "Beyond the Valley". He also left his mark on Cologne's Karmarouge label; together with Gabriel Ananda he contributed the track "Morning glory" to the label's latest compilation. Paul`s last release " Bridge Itch " was released on the Dutch label Wolfskuil in September 2008. Now he teams up with Cio D'or on their fantastic 'Aroma EP' with three stunningly beautiful, atmospheric tracks, released on Broque.


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