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Rafa Siles
Rafa Siles

Rafa Siles is one of the key contributors to the Spanish electronic music scene.

He has been a key resident at Barraca Club in Valencia for over seven years whilst becoming one of the most respected DJ's in the area. His style ranges from techno sets through to house through to his early love of progressive house and he has played most of the big clubs in Spain alongside important artists of the world like Alexander Kowaslki, Tobi Neumann, Josh Wink, Tania Vulcano, Dan Ghenacia  and Paul Ritch. His club credits in Spain include Metro (Alicante), Danzoo (Madrid), Moog, Fellini and BeCool (Barcelona), BCM (Mallorca) and Madame Butterfly (Florence, Italy).  Alongside his DJ gigs, Rafa also uses his own radio show on 'La Mega Radio' to push the latest forward thinking music to the east of Spain. His show has recently been chosen to air at national level in Spain and has been hosted by Radio 3 following some great reviews. 

2009 is going to be an important year for Rafa's career due to the release of his anticipated production work alongside studio partner AFFKT. However, the first release from Rafa alongside his other production partners of Renace named 'Shots In The Park' is out now (2008) on the 'Uniform Inflow' label. Rafa is due to follow this up with his second release on the Barraca Music label containing his title track 'Cocofai' in February 2009.


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