Thursday 27th Oct, 2016

Antonio Ferrari, aka DJ Ralf, was born in Bastia Umbra (Perugia) on 20/09/1957 and since the most tender age was renamed by his friends and parents as Ralf.

After having worked in small clubs of his province, he lands to Cocoricò console where he’s still Resident DJ into Titilla Privè, from a lot of years by now. Besides Cocoricò he has worked in a lot of other famous clubs, both in Italy and abroad, as Matis, Mazoom, Ethos Mama, Pleigine, Villa Delle Rose, Colazione Da Tiffany, Roxy in Amsterdam. Currently he works at Ministry Of Sound in London, during the night called Rulin, where he’s regular guest together with Italian DJs, besides he collaborates with Ibiza’s Made In Italy and with Discoid magazine for which he writes a column called "Touch & Go" where he reviews several tunes and talks about his moods.

With his very particular sound, that goes from House to the Dance 70/80, but with some variations that leave very often the crowd with an opened mouth, Ralf is currently affirmed in Italy and abroad playing in the most important Club. From the times of Titilla and Pleigine he’s never gone down by the podium... For the whole summer 2003 Ralf will be resident at Jesolo Beach’s Muretto Club, perpetrating a tradition been born in 2002, going along with Ricky Montanari.

Surely he is one of the huge names of House Music scene in Italy. Our country teems of great productions and remixing talents. But in console, in front of the dancefloor, he knows how to be the number one. He’s able to lead any dancefloor through all the most hidden vibrations of the music. He’s a "master of ceremonies". Therefore he’s not only DJ, but a character in the noblest meaning of the term. To listen to his music, to participate to his parties, brings us a continuous energy feeling that few other DJs in the world know how to give, the perception of what means to really enjoy an house party. To listen to DJ Ralf is to understand something in more.

His message to the night people? "I don't love messages - explains RALF - especially those to… unified nets, I hate commonplaces, the arrogant, the backbitesr, the Tod's, those that know everybody. I love onion’s squeezing bread, the bruschetta with some good oil, noodles with tomato and basil. I adore Portugal and Milan gives me anxiety. I don't bear the sweety "families " and Gigi Sabani, I like honest people, I hate people groups and those that always speak about themselves. I love women, my bed and Capocavallo. I don't like to give and to receive suggestions. I would like to marry Anna Galliena (or Uma Thurman).The music has saved my life."

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