Tuesday 25th Oct, 2016
Ryan O Gorman
From: UK
Ryan O Gorman

Ok so it goes like this...... I'm not going to bore you with details about myself as I'm sure you care less, I won't talk about my music because that is like dancing about painting, nor will I relate my skills as a dj, only my music can do that. Instead I will give you the story so far...... Began dj'ing as a teen, set up first pirate radio at 16, moved to Northern Ireland to study music at 17, was involved in music scene there, moved to Ibiza at 19, spent a few years playing in bars and clubs, Underground, Conga, Space, Bora Bora, Privilege etc, started another pirate radio (groove fm) two more would follow (greenapple and freq fm) threw lot's of free parties in between, Ancient People, then AK Morgana then Villa's then Cave's (The Cave Raves are infamous) then tents, quarries, brothels, you name it we've done a party there. I started electricsex with Andy G in 2004 as a Sunday party in Clapham to showcase the darker electronic sound that was growing from Ibizas underground parties such as Circo Loco, Superfreq and Cocoon, took it to Ibiza that year with great success then brought it to Egg that winter (Played for Balearic People, NastyDirtySexMusic and Los Piratas in between) We got named best new night in Time Out, we became residents for VeryVeryVeryWrongIndeed, headlined The Cross NYE, returned to Ibiza in '05 with a rock solid line up for electricsex (The Glimmers, Mr C, Clive Henry, Tim Sheridan, Jo Mills, Touche, Dollz At Play etc) I also started my new night Vitalik with partner in crime Joe Upton in the Redbox at Space for We Love, held bigger free parties, won M8 magazine's "best upcoming djs" award, set up Sonica Ibiza's internet station and presented a weekly show with Joe aptly named "the konfusion hour", we also presented the "We Love" show every week on Global and now I am back in London hatching new plans for world domination....Phew! What do you know, looks like I did bore you with lots of details about myself HA HA

....so that was 2006, so much has happened since, god I love the retrospect, it really puts the future in context! We did some interesting parties in London, we took on the new spirit of rave (not the spirit of new rave) and invaded the ware houses (We Love Vitalik with Ewan Pearson, Serge Santiago, Scarlette Etienne, Bones, Luciano etc... Unit 7 with Swazak & Mr C, Tenax with Steve Bug and The M_nus brigade...) We met some amazing people in London in ‘06/'07 and carried the momentum to Ibiza where we smashed the arse out of Sunday mornings at Space with a little help from our friends at Freak n'Chic and too many others to mention, we perverted the course of convention with electricsex once again.... And here we are back in London! Let's see what fills the next chapter :)


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