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During this time, Sven a TV project which is 45 minutes long about House + Techno grips. DJ's came to speak, ran a post reporting and new music videos got your bets. This time-intensive project started nearly 2 years and was signed by the parties for lack of time ended. After over 10 years, On Air Sven ended his radio career and turned more of his DJ career and organizers. Sven has until 2005 various House, Garage and Drum N Bass event held successfully. Parallel to this was as a DJ Sven many cities and countries. The German music magazine voted him Raveline in May 1999 as "DJ of the month." In several other newspapers, city magazines and sheet music was in Sven Interviewsund features to be found. In addition, he works alongside his DJ activity organizer and as a booker for renowned English and German Drum N Bass artists. Sven decided 2005 his activities as a DJ, Booker, DJ and radio broadcasters to quit. In the new language so what do you call "Burn Out". It was time for more to take care of themselves, and for a time something very different than making music and possibly at a later date to start a new beginning. In the spring of 2006, Sven founded the event and music agency "Rough N Tough Entertainment" which are still active. His ideas are all in the resting phase pent had motivated him to many new projects. E.g. 3 big events under the name "Loaded", and the launch of two new club party ranks. Sven 2004, a unique party with his old friend Le Jersey under the name Jito session, just for themselves and their friends was planned. It remained at this unique event. In autumn 2007, lived Sven Jito the session again, and was after some initial difficulties, it became one of the hottest party series in Bremen establish. The second set Electrica Salsa (ECSA) was also a permanent place in the Bremen party calendar month once secure, and is now with the whole front Jito session in Bremen here. As a DJ made an involuntary comeback Sven was shifted from an emergency happened, because on an evening of Jito no warm-up DJ available. Sven presented itself as a new name (S-file) for what he has retained until today. Alone on the decks or with his two musical companions Kaylab and MC Motion beschallt it apart from its two monthly events, and various other clubs and countries. As a result, cities such as Essen, Dessau, Hamburg, Hanover, Munster, Hameln, London (UK), Warsaw (Poland) and Milan (Italy), he already will. Also on the radio, he was again heard. Although not a separate program, but with various guest appearances such as with Marusha's show on Fritz or MDR Sputnik's intensive care unit to name but a few. His claim is always good and quality music to play in S-file is still the highest demands on themselves It is also noted in his productions which are now once again take more time. With his old friend Le jersey he produced among other things an EP in the autumn of 2008, as well as a remix for Le Trikot itself and a bootleg for 50 cent and Katy Perry. With Le Trikot together, he founded the label "Alte Liebe" was danceable sound to bring the outside. Much has in his 15 year old musical career happened. That is why stop at this point to say that it would just blow up the framework.


S-File & Le Trikot - Stereo Out (Alte Liebe) (13.10.2009)


50 Cent - Ayo Technology (Le Trikot & S-File Edit) (Unreleased)

Le Trikot - To Do This (S-File RMX) (Elastic Cage) (05.2008)

Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl (S-File & Le Trikot RMX) (09.2008)

Le Trikot - Turkish Boys N Girls (S-File RMX) (09.2009)

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