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SACCOBROS, is a duo of electronic music, based in Paris formed by brothers Lorenzo and Bruno SACCO (Italy). Influenced by contemporary electronic music, the two Sicilians decided to invade the music scene under the name "SACCOBROS."

Everything started in 1998 when Bruno moved to Paris. In the first 18 months of his Parisian life he discovered the electronic music scene of northern Europe when the French-touch movement was at its top. This made him realize that there was an opportunity to grasp.A year and a half after, Lorenzo who was already a resident DJ in several Sicilian clubs, decided to join him in order to start new musical projects.In 2000 they created their first project "SUPERCLUB", which was quickly referenced on most of music portals on the Internet.A year after, they were selected by Marco Cerrone to participate to Universal's "Café du live" . They performed next to Dax Riders , and where interviewed by an "NRJ Radio ".In the summer 2003 they met Ricardo Escalante aka "SOLARE " (www.solaremusic.com), a Mexican composer of orchestral and pop music, and a real synthesizer and electronic instruments addict.The match was perfect, and they decided to form an electronic music band called "ARIA SPACE MUSIC AGENCY ", whose sound can be described as fresh and stimulating.After having worked 8 months together they released their first single "Sunslave", distributed by Discograph and signed by the Parisian label ST.FIACRE owned by legendary DJ WARRIO , creator of the "KITKAT " afterparties in the Studio 287 club (Paris).Several parties were launched with "SAM Dj " (It) in Italy and England.This led to several collaborations and a radio interview by the "RADIO TIME " national network (www.radiotime.it) in the summer 2004.Soon after, they had the opportunity to play in Spain at the "REVOLVER CLUB " (Madrid) and "KATHMANDU "(Madrid).

The trio composed the soundtrack for the documentary "METRO LUMIERE ", which was released with the film "Cafe Lumiere " of HOU Hsiao-hsien, a prominent Chinese filmmaker. The documentary is distributed by SOSHIKU FILM ltd.(Japan).Still full of energy, they created a radio show called "SATURNO " on the VMIX Radio network (www.vmix.fr), based in Lyon France.SATURNO radio-show was conceived with an open musical spirit and features mixes from talented Djs/producers, an event calendar for the greatest venues in Paris, single releases reviews and interviews of electronic artists. Every SATURNO broadcast has a French or international guest, and ELLEN ALLIEN (B-pitch Control), WARRIO (St.fiacre), LLC (Blabla-record), DEMI (DeeperSubstance records), DUPLEX100 (initialcut/Minimaldancin/treibstoff), CABANNE (Minibar-music/Perlon/Karat),ASWEFALL (Kill the dj/Discograph) have been invited.

On the other hand Bruno and Lorenzo work on an Dancefloor housy & electronic project under the name SaccoBros,

released on different Labels some : REGULAR, UNLOCK , MINIATURA, VEKTON musik, BOSPHORUS underground, AKBAL...



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