Friday 21st Oct, 2016
Sebastian Ingrosso
Sebastian Ingrosso

If you’ve ever been to Stockholm, you’ll know that quality is key. It infiltrates absolutely everything from food to flirting, and in the creative arts especially, and in Sebastian Carmine Ingrosso’s case…..music! You’ll also more than likely have had some contact with the “Ingrosso” family! Let’s just say that this notorious family who originally descended from Italy, have a considerable presence in Stockholm!

Rewind though, and you’ll find a young Sebastian growing up in the ghetto with a certain young Steve Angello. Best buddies through thick and thin from WAY back, these boys looked to music for their distraction and ultimately discovered where their talents lay, and shortly afterwards their passion followed. Hip-hop, movie soundtracks, funk & soul, techno, lounge, everything!

So welcome to Sebastian’s world: Streetwise. Energetic. Charming. And utterly dedicated to rocking the party.

Seb’s first ventures into the studio were at his father’s place in the mid-90s and it was only a few years before the mighty “Freshly Squeezed” in May 2001, and “Echo Vibes” in October 2002 were released. These early and promising EPs were created with Steve Angello and released on Joia Records, which is another Ingrosso family venture. Drawing heavily on influences such as Daft Punk’s “Homework LP”, and other artists such as Todd Terry, Dj Sneak and Carl Craig, Sebastian was finding new flavour and looking up to artists who would soon become his piers in the DJ fraternity, something which Sebastian will never forget. After “Echo Vibes”, turned into a hit, the record was remixed by his successful Swedish counterpart Eric Prydz, and the two have been close ever since. In fact today Sebastian, Steve Angello, Eric Prydz and Axwell are known collectively as the Swedish House Mafia – a familiar name in the dance music industry. They are now a successful mesh of friends & workmates and their different levels of relationships gel together perfectly.

From there Sebastian worked solidly on producing music – his passion. And as he worked, his distinctive sound evolved and was fine-tuned. Pushing boundaries on a regular basis soon caught the attention of the industry’s heavy hitters. After Sebastian released “Get It Back”, “Shake” and “Yo Yo Kidz” in 2004 on his own label Refune, he only got better. With a string of innovative house music productions, the worlds dance music community had now officially discovered his talent. Now for Sebastian having his own label is something that excites him, after all he gets to present his talent and hard work.


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