Tuesday 25th Oct, 2016

Seuil part of our electronic world since 2 years…He comes from the Reunion Island, a French department where he was living till the age of 18. Then he packed his stuff and moved to fascinating Paris, where he lives since 7 years now exploring for 4 years the electronic sound at the French capital.

A wide range of classical music background like 10 years of playing piano, jazz and blues formation, as well a few years of percussions gave him the feedback to work on electronic music composition. 

He always tries to find a personal groove when it comes to his music. His interest in the modern house and techno started with the discovery of the Perlon's crew. With influences like Pantytec, Zip, Melchior, Cabanne, Ricardo Villalobos,…show us two different sides in Seuil's music : dark rolling basses along with modern shaking house, but always with the same groovy spirit, shake it ! to note that he is always inspired by his parisians friends that he collaborates quite often to give more noises for the dance floor. After couples of remixes on Adjunct, Leftroom, Rrygular, Stock 5, Seuil had one track on the minibar compilation (milkshake 01), and on the Lessizmore compilation…  

He had a new ep on minibar coming soon…, the « deep hook » ep his planned for spring on Lomidhigh Organic..a remix for Gumption is on the way too, a new ep on Eklo,..and some other news soon... 

In 2008, he follows the story with Eklo his own label ,hosting on wax new artists in the family like Laps, dOP, Skat, Posh… as well as his own creations. Even if Seuil live act used to be new everytime….For 2008 everything was managed to be fresh new music... 

Discos : 

  • *Seuil-Rencontre le Sud/ Igloo-rec 011 (mp3)
  • *Seuil-Elastic Breast Ep/ Einmaleins 012 (12")
  • *Seuil-Brune Ep/ Minibar 007 (12")
  • *Seuil-She's a Drummer Ep/ Einmaleins 019 (12")
  • *Seuil/It is-Split Faxin Ep/ 60 sec. Records 005 (12")
  • *Seuil-Blood on the Congas Ep/ LoMidHigh Lmtd 004.5
  • *Seuil-Dance (one track on Minibar compilation)/Minibar 010 
  • *Seuil-Detroit Candies Ep (Lee Curtiss remix) / Eklo 003
  • *Seuil-Deep hooks/ Lomidhigh Organic 001


  • *From Karaoke to Stardom-Stompin Nation (Seuil remix)/Rrygular
  • *Franco Bianco-Gris Cubico (Seuil remix)
  • *Fernando Daxta-Cq Ea8ak (Seuil kreol lover rmx)/Sirius PAndi 005
  • *Dilo & Gurtz-Tundra (Seuil remix)/Adjunct
  • *E-contact-Banna(Seuil remix)/Stock 5 005
  • *So Inagawa-sekitoba(Seuil remix)/Minimood 002
  • *Kyoto Young Team-CTD (Seuil remix)/Clever Music 020 

Upcoming remix: 

  • *Jan Driver-Kardamoon (Seuil remix)/electrochoc
  • *Remix for leftroom..
  • *Anthony Collins-Rabouin House (Seuil deepafrika remix)- Freak'n'chic
  • *Remix for Gumption,…


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