Monday 24th Oct, 2016
Simon Beeston
Simon Beeston

Auckland is New Zealand’s biggest city, with a million residents and two beautiful coastlines. The city is dominated by its deep blue harbour, its volcanic peaks, and wide open sky. Simon Beeston hails from this place in the deep south, but now calls Berlin home. Drawn by his love of electronic dance music and the cities unique feeling of creativity and musical passion, Berlin seemed an obvious choice for an artist whose ambitions aim well beyond the South Pacific.

Simon first came to Berlin in 2004 to play gigs in various clubs, including a set at the original Tresor. He returned to play New Years Eve 2005, and made the move to Berlin permanently in 2006. The unique party culture and the vast array of musical expression in the city are a huge inspiration to any artist and Simon Beeston is no exception. You can often find him dancing at the front of the club until the last record spins!

Simon has been producing music for eight years and continues to push his sound in new directions. Influenced by House, Techno and Electronica, it would be difficult to put his music into any one category, but his tracks always have both feet on the dance floor, an irresistible groove and a unique array of samples and sounds. As a DJ Simon plays a bionic, club moving mix of Tech House, Techno, and House, full of subtle musical hooks and crunchy percussion. His innate ability to program a set from peak time to rolling grooves never fails to keep dancers on the floor. He has played in clubs all over Europe and, of course, at home in Berlin, where he has rocked the floors of Panorama Bar, Watergate, Bar25, Katerholzig, Arena Club and almost every other hot spot in the worlds capital of electronic dance music. He is also a regular player in The Netherlands where his DJ sets have achieved an almost cult following.

His music has found it’s way all around the world with the help of several respected record labels and wide international DJ support. Simon has released tracks and remixes on labels such as Highgrade Records, District of Corruption Nordik Net, Igloo, Supdub, and Microzoo. 2011 sees a new connection with Cimelde and Pamflet Records, two talent stocked imprints from a new breed young Romanian House and Techno stars.

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