Tuesday 28th Apr, 2015
Simone Gatto
Simone Gatto

The peaceful sound of the morning breeze and the powerful noise of the sea waves shattering on the rocks in the darkness are sounds that Simone has assimilated from his motherland. This scenario is well mixed in his musical productions, combining it in a delicate balance within his deep and dub house tracks. Thanks to his philosophical and sociological studies, he enforced his underground beliefs such as tangible expression of the energies that are related to people's deepest emotions. All these shapes take place in Simone's tracks, productions that are the result of contaminations between all the "young" producer's musical backgrounds. His strongest influences are without any doubt techno and house music, merged with his funky roots. As a result of this very well mixed knowledge Simone's dj-sets reflect an infinite multiplicity of musical combinations. The final purpose of his acts is to transforms energies and sensations that the crowd expresses on the dancefloor, into a continuous vibe created mixing vinyls.

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