Friday 28th Oct, 2016
From: USA

Stefny's true love has always been music. After discovering the sound of raves in the early nineties from California where she was raised, it was when she moved to Colorado that she naturally started to DJ in various events in 1996. Inspired by Californian collectives such as The Wicked Crew & Funky Techno tribe, she brought with her a strong background of various influences that ranged from acid house to techno, and eventually brought
her to drum n' bass.

Spending her time between numerous residencies, Stefny eventually caught attention of bigger projects such being a DJ for Red Bull in 1998. Her unique way to be able to bring a mix from one style to another drew more and more attention as an original way to bring life to a party.

2002 she relocated to New York. Now a Brooklyn‐based DJ/producer Stefny Winter, has spent the last 4 years dedicated to the studio working towards developing her own sound. Being part of a women collective in NYC brought her new ideas and also altered her musical direction to something in the current trends as well as bringing her own personal touch. She played in numerous events in NYC ,the States , and in Europe and has also toured Japan most recently and she had the
floors moving with her funky, deep and quirky sound.

Meeting with various producers such as Tim Xavier, and Elon (Clink), and the Alka_Rex guys introduced her to a whole range of new ideas. Strongly inspired from the bouncy rhythms of house, she felt she could also bring something of her own in her productions.

"I hear the rhythms and melodies of everyday life and try to translate them into my production. Taking it to an intensity of deep, dark, melodic, and driving bass, however I interpret a feeling at
a given moment."

Her debut single was released in October of 2007 on Dietrich Schoenemann's Addon imprint and was charted in Resident Advisor by Ryan Elliot of Spectral. In March of 2008 she contributed two tracks to the DJ tools compilation Assignment 3, on Pheek's Archipel label. Most recently her Digital EP on Archipel, Migratory Insertion was supported by Matthew Dear and Three. Stefny did remixes for San Francisco's label De'fchild Recordings featuring Kate Simko on Spectral Sound, and has also done remixes for DJ Ulysses Sodium label out of New York with Nick Chacona featuring Tony Rohr, and Darko's Lucy Lee Quality Recordings from Belgium.

She has a lot of projects in hand for 2009. So look out for more music from Stefny this year!


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