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Tama Sumo
Tama Sumo

She started out in a bar called Drama in Kreuzberg, which has been an important hang out for the scene and one of the first bars ever to feature its own dj at the weekend. The Drama has been one of the few locations featuring house music, instead of techno dominating all the other clubs and bars at that time. Tama Sumo used to play a lot of vocal house and quickly became a resident at Globus/Tresor, as well as at the gay Saturdays at Café Moskau.

"My motivation is and has been a mixture of fun and communication. Verbally as well as non-verbally. I love to create and play with different moods and atmospheres. I'm still fascinated by the fact that music can release a huge amount of energy and how music creates fun, jollying anyone along without any reason or principle. Music and bass in particular make people happy!" Since 1997, when Tama has been a resident at Globus/Tresor, she gradually opened up stylistically and didn't feel the need anymore to go along the lines of the techno and house division. Since 2001 she regularly played at the gay/lesbian "Dance with the Aliens" parties at the old OstGut and consequently became a resident at the new Panorama Bar. In the meantime she developed a varied style ranging from (Minimal-)Techno and House to a pinch of Acid and Electro. Altogether her sets display a lot of bass with an optimistic swing and melody.

"It is fundamental to my work as a dj that I manage to let the music, the crowd and myself run freely. I have to turn off my head and go with the flow. This always is the challenge and if it works it is big fun. Me and my crowd have to get cosy with each other.
And if I manage to build my set up and down, to go to lots of different places, it is perfect!" At the beginning of 2008, she has finally released her first record. Both tracks "Play Up" & "Brothers, Sisters" have been produced in collaboration with Prosumer. They perfectly sum up Tama's take on Housemusic; two rough and funky tracks which made the DJ Top 50 of German Groove Magazine at first go.

www.myspace.com/tamasumo | www.ostgut.de/booking/

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