Saturday 22nd Oct, 2016
Tom Demac
From: UK
Tom Demac

It´s now a year since Tom gave up his day job and took up the music full-time. 12 months ago he removed his cape, stepped out of the charming and convincing Web Design manager alter-ego, bought a £20 Argos coffee filter, bean grinder and multi packs of Rizla; and has spent every week day since hunched over his synths in the studio filling up ashtrays at a rate of nots. It´s not been a bad year either, from his 2 stand-out tracks Rivalry with Irony and Slip Slop Slap hitting monthly top 10 and top 30  respectively on Resident Advisor, a healthy year of gigging, taking his Live show to Fabric, Space - Ibiza, Mulletover, Freerotation and many other places in between (collecting a fine selection of club toilet photos along the way), being remixed by Soulphiction, Luke Solomon, Jamie Jones, Wolf and Lamb, Dave Aju etc...to completing his first Live compilation album (released early next year).  

Having packed his boxes and swapped the rolling hills of Wales to move back to the red-brick terrace familiarity of his beloved Manchester. There´s no more inspirational beach walks, now its Netto to grab some milk and get down to it. 

From early back-bent sessions in a friends garage (containing a few rusty boxes and a four-track), Tom went on to study music technology at Salford University, exchanging most of his studying time for studio time along with persistently pestering the Orbit residents at the legendary Eastern Bloc records and promoting club nights. Since then he has developed his own characteristic sound, based on a philosophy of creating music with bollocks for the dance-floor but carrying enough ´essence´ to be enjoyed in the home. 

2011 has already shaped up to be a good year for Tom with more releases lined up for  Murmur, Liebe Detail, Hypercolour (plus a few very special things will be announced soon),  the No Fit State compilation with Murmur and the launch of the new techno project - ´Dense´ with good friend Glimpse.

Keep your ears peeled for Demac´s ´uniquely kinked grooves´ over the coming months...


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