Friday 28th Oct, 2016
Tone Of Arc
From: USA
Tone Of Arc

On this day of the winter solstice we proudly announce the beginning of something great and refreshing to the world of enthusiastic ears.
"TONE of ARC".

2012 will be a blast. In all the commotion around us, we must not forget to stay true to ourselves and celebrate new things and new people and new beginnings. More importantly we must not forget "the sound of the laws of creation". To be of the highest self you can be for not only yourself but for humanity and for nature.

We are in an era that constantly speeds up and big ideas and big music slips through the quickening as songs become forgettable and our tension spans widen though the never ending list of new songs and new producers/musicians. It is of our intension to make music that inspires all walks of life though till the time it is no longer needed. However long that is it will not be forgotten.

Bringing it all together and using every element possible in a classy, fun, and familiar way, Tone of Arc collects all major inspirations of music most familiar being punk, rock, jazz/blues, pop, 80's, disco, house and soul. Each song telling a story and produced with all the right math behind clear intensions of a greater tomorrow lead by greater people.

We are extremely excited to release a life time of musical evolution and a solid year and a half of nonstop production in making the next new sound standing in the clear of it's own path. Keep a watch out for TONE of ARC as the music will be yours very soon.

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Marco Bailey
Wouter de Moor
Yacine Dessouki
Carreno is LB
Christian Smith
Sishi Rosch
Steve Bug
Iain Taylor
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