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Universal Principles
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Universal Principles

The globally renowned universal principles are faith, hope and charity. The Soma renowned Universal Principles are Stuart McMillan, Glenn Gibbons and Nick Peacock. Together they have crafted the shimmering debut album "Inspiration & Light".

The three Glasgow godfathers of groove have spent the last year in their sound laboratory of soul, squeezing out funky rhythms and blasting the bass. The album has received critical acclaim with Roger Sanchez has already checking in for remix duties, Jazzanova insisted we burnt them a CD and DJ Sneak has described the finished product as, "the best album since 'Smokers Delight'".

Universal Principles are three long-time friends. With their diverse backgrounds and musical history, Glenn is Principles' own little black key manipulator, Stuart adds a cutting edge and DJ Nick Peacock, the grandaddy of grooves, unites the band with his unique jazz step. He's also got a fairly decent record collection. Together they form a kooky collective born out of extremist behaviour, bonkers banter and an unfulfilled drive for self-destruction. It's a combination that inexplicably generates slabs of solar powered soul.

Soma records are the obvious connection. It's the family tree for three disparate triplets separated at birth. As well as releasing material under a variety of pseudonyms, Stuart (Slam, Pressure Funk, Counterplan) and Glenn (Rejuvination, Equus) are two of the labels founding members and Nick recorded as Eastmen on Soma in 1994.

The other connecting thread is Glasgow's vibrant clubs. Picture the scene. 1985, The Sub Club. Nick Peacock, the resident DJ is playing everything from disco and jazz to reggae punks The Clash. Stuart McMillan is a regular and is turned on to real black music. "Nick was playing the same records as The Paradise Garage's Larry Levan," he remembers, "well that's what he says anyway!"

His Sub Club residency and passion for the music inspired a generation of Glasgow producers and DJs. Arguably; Nick Peacock was the catalyst in the development of the house and techno scene in Scotland's biggest city. Not content with just this, he's also a champion slalom skier and currently a lecturer in photography at Clydebank College.

Universal Principles was born at a post Slam At The Arches after show party, when the troublesome trio rose to Derrick Carter's challenge to do something in the studio together. Several months later Soma released the debut single "Inspirational and Light", which received critical acclaim from DJs including Roger Sanchez, Ashley Beedle and Giles Peterson.

Since their debut in July 1998 they have been stirring their varied influences into a musical melting pot creating an accomplished atmospheric album of maturity and sophistication. They each bring their own special ingredients to the recipe from funk, jazz, hip-hop, house and techno. But no matter what the reference points are, they have sculpted their own sound - an aural feast.

Universal Principles' debut album begins with a deeper version of "Inspiration & Light" which prepares and acquaints us with a luscious pilgrimage of organic funk and soul. The sparkling "Latin Stroll" and the sensual ambience of "Voodoo Sun" perpetuate the resonance that the album generates. Whereas, the dirty house rhythms of "Flyin High" emphasise the rawness of the music and is deservedly the next single release taken from the album with a very special remix from Roger Sanchez.

The live element is also paramount on "Inspiration and Light". Stuart displays his skills on guitar, keys and zither while Glenn plays bass, keys and percussion. As well as this Universal Principles have drafted in some talented young musicians currently making an impact in Glasgow's thriving live jazz scene. The boys may have risen to a drunken challenge but the future holds no bounds as they are already working on their own unique live show.

Let Universal Principles provide inspiration and light to your summer soundtrack.

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