Thursday 27th Oct, 2016

Vassilis Pallas a.k.a. V.sexion was born in the late 80's, in a decade that techno and house put its little stone to the music world. In early childhood, Vassilis found himself shaking in disco tunes moving it up to punk and rock. But it was jazz, afro beats, garage house and urban music that finally deeply influenced him in his developing a particular music style.

In his adolescence, when a music wave called techno burst into Athenian club scene, V got interested in mixing up his influences along with techno and house. It was later on though, that met Ntanos who became his best friend and together established "Effections",a promising duo that experimented with electronical sound trying to find a very special identity that would make them distinguish. Indeed, during 2006, they started spinning records at several clubs and bars in Greece,their very own country, mainly in Athens.

V.Sexion's music overpasses House and Techno borders combining jazzy and funky tunes, embracing minimal house with techno noises and dark atmospheres and giving away that solid groove essence with deep bass lines, rolling percussions and looped groovy vocals.

2008 seemed to be a good year, as far as it concerns producing, with some releases in digital and net labels. However, 2009 is definitely a defining one with a debut digital release in Siteholder Records based in Chicago, signed by both him and his co-friend Ntanos and his personal deput ep signed in Safari Electronique(U.K). EPs in labels such as Diaphan Records(Germany), Catwash Records (France),Time Has Changed(France), Suchtreflex Records (Germany), Rythmetic Records(Greece),a participation in a v.a in Percusa Records(Germany) as well as digital releases in various labels such as Multivitamins, Pinksilver, Flumo, is some of what follows.And last but not least Gorge chose a track for the 2nd 8Bit Reasons mixed cd.

Stay tuned and keep tracking! ;-)


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