Thursday 27th Oct, 2016
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Vax 1

After some years of partying, i have become aware of the Groove living inside me...

At the beginning of 2000 (with the Association of Mulhouse Versus Emotion), I discovered the environment underground. My first session was in the Sound Unit, one of the best parties around Mulhouse, from there I followed without stopping my way of musical apprenticeship and it was then when I fall in love with the production of NINJA TUNE, which was for a long time my favorite music label.

I've participated in the organization of large-scale parties with Versus Emotion, which also allowed me to arrange sessions highly appreciated by the public… I also played in some pubs in my region and in some nights of Global Groove, it is then when I started to discover little by little the funk, disco, jazz, rock psychedelic and at the same time, the electro house, the trip-hop, hip-hop, the drum & bass, the House, the Techno minimal. I went on consolidating and developing my talent in the first editions of "Halloween Crazy Beats', which are unmissable dates of the scene of Mulhouse.

I started to actively contribute with my sessions in Youppala, a web radio Strasbourg founded by Kira Neris, (artist that introduced me to the world of the radio, thanks to her huge musical cultural influence) which made me transcend the artificial borders of musical styles. I worked more closely with Kira Neris preparing a series of sessions that were broadcast by various artists (in the world podcast internationally renowned) such as: 'Basic Soul Show' of Simon Harrison, 'Freefall', the weekly broadcast of David Bassin south KUSF, a radio station in San Francisco specializing in music alternatives,the 'Flomotion Radio Show' of Nick Luscombe, etc. ... I started then to play in different French Catalan and Spanish Catlana bars and clubs. During the year 2009 i met Franck Villeneuve and Mathieu Bessière, owner of the club 'Rachdingue', located in Vilajuiga (Girona-Catalonia )in which i ended up being resident and sound technician during the summers 2009-2010-2011,

It is then when I started to play in Spanish, Catalan and French restaurants, bars lounge and discotheques and even to collaborate with a radio of Perpignan (Emission Cultural Groove of Web radio Zygomar), introducing themes of known artists and sessions of world djs. And i played on the side of Croatia (Zadar), Switzerland (Zurich, Delemont, Lausanne), Germany (Freiburg), France (Alsace, Lyon). With different famous Dj's And group as Anton'X - Fred Flower aka Humantronic - Manu le Malin – Cold Cut - Dj Food - Hextatic - Beat Assaillant - Chaolin Temple - Martha High – Caterva - Arnaud Rebotini - Ellen Allien - Zero DB – Robotini - Adam Scott - Elisa do brasil - The Unity Sound System - Dj Simbad - Ben Mono - Kira Neris – Chateau Flight – Pilooski – Hakan Libdo – Pablo Bolivar - Scan'X - Youngster - Anakyne - Mc Runigga - Mad Profesor - J Rob – Abstraxion - 69 DB – Interlope - Alexander Robotnick - Franck De Villeneuve - Cass Lemon…!!!

I find myself in a phase of musical maturing and artistic production.

Currently, I am preparing an impressive collection of different session and tracks. See you soon!!..... with new musical adventures!!



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