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Way Out West
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Way Out West

Jody Wisternoff, one half of Way Out West, was into music at an early age. "I was kinda brainwashed by psychedelic acid rock by my dad," he ponders. "They're probably some of the earliest musical memories I have and the DIY aspect of music really interested me."

Nick Warren, Jody's musical partner, has also been music obsessive for as long as he can remember. His teenage years were spent rifling through record shops for punk, reggae and decent pop before the dance scene exploded. He DJ'd around Bristol before opening the South West's first balearic night, 'The Wiggle' in the late eighties. His 'anything goes' approach to DJ'ing soon landed him a residency at the ground-breaking acid house mid-weeker 'Vision,' and it was in 91 he teamed up with local musicians to set up the legendary night '98 Proof.' And then on to become the global dj he still is today.

The first big track, 'Ajare' was released in 94 through deConstruction, its pop hooks, bizarre samples and epic Hindu swirls taking the record to number 62 in the UK singles chart. The harder 'Domination' followed, before 'The Gift' crashed in at number 15 and established Way Out West as one of the foremost house acts in the UK. They went on to remix everyone from "A Certain Ratio"  to "Echo and the Bunnymen" Their self-titled first album received huge critical acclaim in 97 and saw them tour across Europe with live shows at Glastonbury, MTV parties and the MIDEM festival in France. Switching to Distinctive Records in 2000, second album 'Intensify' followed, bringing with it the eponymous single 'Intensify,' 'Stealth' and 'Mindcircus,' another top 40 hit and dance chart number 1. 

'Don't Look Now' their third album arrived in 2004 with a fresher angle of the live band "With our music we take the approach that you should do your best, no matter how long it takes," muses Jody.  "Do your best or don't bother at all. There's been so many new things already done in terms of dance music, it's difficult to move in new directions, so we always look for something new"

Album four in 2009? Well album 4 is being mooted and tweaked on but a new single "Only Love" is just being launched as you read this.

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