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Will Saul
From: UK
Will Saul

Will Saul is the producer and DJ behind Simple Records and Aus Music. His sound is based in deep, driving house and techno with flashes of soul and irresistible melodies that hark back to the early days of Detroit. Over the last few years Will has gained an admirable reputation as not only a show-stealing DJ, but also a talented A&R and producer. He is resident at The End in London and Weekend in Berlin, and has remixed for Chicken Lips, Jesse Rose, Manuel Tur (Freerange), Chymera (NRK), Steve Lawler and Phonique's summer anthem 'Bang' on Dessous to name just a few. Hugely respected label bosses Ralph Lawson (2020 Vision) and Marc Romboy (Systematic) have both entrusted Will with remixes of lead singles from their forthcoming LP's, which will see the light of day in the Autumn. Remixes for Mike Monday & Liebe*Detail are also in the pipeline.

'Simple Sounds' is his most recent LP project. Released on the 5th of November 2007, Simple Sounds is a double CD that serves as an insight into where both of his influential labels stood in 2007, five years after Simples creation. Acting as A&R, artist and DJ for the project, his intention is to blur the distinction between the traditional artist LP and DJ mix. Will contributes new and exclusive tracks, selects remixers to work on some of his older material and sequences a DJ mix that captures the sound of both of his labels, Simple and Aus. Featuring tracks and remixes from Gui Boratto, Mathew Jonson, Spirit Catcher, My My, Sebo K, Wahoo, John Tejada, Marc Romboy and Alexkid to name a few. Further to the CD, 3 vinyl EPs will be released over the Autumn with the exclusive tracks and remixes commissioned for Simple Sounds plus a 'vinyl only' Putsch 79 rework of 'Speak & Spell'. Hit the LP packshot to the left to be transported to the Simple web-site where you can listen to the LP

This is not Will's first foray in albums. Will's debut compilation Simple One, released in 2005, elegantly encapsulated the label's sound - edgy and deep but tuneful and organic. He followed this with the release of his debut artist album Space Between, a soulful and melodic journey geared towards home listening rather than the dancefloor. It was accompanied by three beautifully crafted 12"s remixed by Infusion, Swayzak and DJ T.

Will was born in Taunton, Somerset in 1978. Always surrounded by music, his musical path has developed gradually. Growing up his parents encouraged him to play the piano, sax and timpani, each of which he disliked at the time. He started buying records at eight - motown, soul, R&B, film scores - and diligently recorded the Top 40 on Sunday afternoons. Before his teens he?d begun collecting hip-hop and by sixteen was into dance. Trekking to clubs across England every weekend inspired him to get a job and save up enough cash for two turntables and a mixer. For such a passionate collector, DJing was a revelation. Two years later he won Muzik?s mixtape talent contest Bedroom Bedlam, having progressed his sound from lush, jazzy grooves and leftfield oddities to include deep, dubby breaks and broken-beats. After two years working in Sony International?s A&R department he left to set up a label with friends. They called it Simple, to reflect their open-minded intention to release good music, of whatever genre. It was while working at the legendary Koobla records, and then the fantastic Phonica, that he had his eyes fully opened to the wonderful world of house and techno. At the time the scene was being re-invigorated by producers such as Mathew Jonson, who Will quickly employed for his first remix.

Simple Records' musical focus is deep, futuristic house, techno and disco. As well as his own tracks, including 'Sequential Circus', 'Mbira' and 'Pause', the constant evolution of the label now sees Phonique, Mike Monday, Jesse Rose (as Content), Motorcitysoul, James Priestley & Dan Berkson and Will's studio partner Tam Cooper joining the core roster. Over the course of 5 years and well over 45 single releases Will has commissioned remixes from Mathew Jonson, Jeff Samuel, Argy, Gui Boratto, Sebo K, Isolee, Konrad Black, Jimpster, John Tejada, Tobias, Recloose, Tiger Stripes, Martin Landsky, Dixon and many, many more of underground house and techno's most influential producers.

Look out for Will's other label of love - Aus Music, which will explore the more organic side of house, techno, disco, dub and downtempo. With artists such as Sideshow (Fink on Ninja Tune), Motorcitysoul, My My (Playhouse), Sian and Lee Jones involved and remixes from Jesse Rose, Prins Thomas, Efdemin, Jerome Sydenham, Partial Arts and Stefan Goldmannm Aus looks set to be something very special.

With Bleed, the editor of German music magazine De:Bug, recently citing Simple as one of his favorite labels, 2008 is shaping up to be an exciting year.


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