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Wyatt Earp
From: USA
Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp started Djing in the Winter of 1993 mainly due to the influences of Dj friends and his love of music being a jazz drummer. This love of music was frustrated with the direction radio stations and clubs were headed.  He was thrust into his first club residency just six months after he began Djing Ð pure luck and timing.  Within a year came two residencies at packed clubs working for the same owner and the rest is history. In the late 90s next to his name on rave flyers and club ads read, "Denver's hardest working Dj." Wyatt was known to have up to five residencies a week and played parties every weekendÉ the label fit. 

Around 1994 he began one of his most influential residencies, Rock Island on Friday nights.  Other Residents at the time were Hipp-E, John Chamie' and Little Mike. Wyatt could really experiment with different sounds by playing House, electronica, alternative and more.  A typical set might range from Todd Terry to Underworld to Front 242.  Djing was very different then but the experience was unrivaled.
About that same time Wyatt also played a Disco night in Denver at a club called I-Beam and had begun to play raves quite frequently as well dropping all the underground tunes.  All these different styles of music really began to round him out as a DJ at a very young age.  By the mid-90s Wyatt was beginning to understand music at a different level leading to his own eclectic style of house "for any room."
By 1998, Wyatt had begun to rack up an impressive resume of Residencies at all the major clubs around Denver as well as all the biggest party promoters.  From The Church and Vinyl to Roofless and Together productions he had made important in-roads to starting a dance music culture in Denver Colorado.  This led him to Join a burgeoning group of house enthusiasts called Casa Del Soul.  In 1998, Nathan Uhlir (AKA DJ Sense') invited Wyatt and long-time friend Little Mike to round out the collective which consisted of Dj Foxx, DJ Catt, Sense', Ty Tek little Mike and Wyatt Earp.  As other Producers and Dj's ran for the Coastlines (see Hipp-e, john Chamie' etc.) This Collective, led by Nathan, decided to stick it out in Denver and start somethingÉ A Record store, A Record label and a collective vibe.This is when the Music Production and travelling really began to take off.  Wyatt's first few tracks came out on the Casa Del Soul label and really made way for the style, sound and feel one expects from his sets.  By 2000 Wyatt had begun to travel and set up residencies in other cities as well.  Red No 5 in Chicago with Josh Werner playing more minimal undergound house and The World-famous End-Up in San Francisco with resident Dj Jellybear on Thursday nights playing jacking San Fran house and tech-house.

Wyatt's sets take the dancer/listener on a voyage sometimes beginning in moody tech-house and ending up in progressive stompers during prime time slots or tech house to deep house for the closing slot. He prides himself on being able to play any time slot in any room to any crowd.  One of the reasons he plays House is because there is a "house music" for any room, whether it's Garage at a Sunday afternoon pool party in San Francisco or tech-house closing set at the after-hours club.  With so many residencies (21 in all over the last eight years not counting being a resident for five major party promoters Ð back in the rave days) Wyatt has played before and after a who's who of DJ talent (From Josh Wink, Digweed, Dave Ralph, Dave Seamen, the Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Ritchie hawtin and Deep Dish to the likes of David Alvarado, Paul Johnson, Derrick Carter, Mark Grant, Pete Bones, Murray Richardson, Sean Cusick, Joshua and Roger Sanchez).  Wyatt himself gets the spotlight when travelling out of town to cities all over; from LA, Sf, Barcelona, Mexico City, Seattle, Portland, Amsterdam, Chicago, San Diego, NY, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Paris back to Atlanta.  He's happy with the direction his career is going but has his sights set on the global scene.
In 2001 Wyatt joined long-time Friend Shawn Zuchter to Form Hochokai recordings.  They both wanted to have a creative outlet where they could display their tastes in music.  Hochokai recordings is currently on it's Seventh Release and has a few more in the Kitchen.  Wyatt has Collaborated with quite a few different artists in the past few years including DJ Foxx, Jonas Tempel, Little Mike, Rico at IMIX, DJ Catt, ben A.  Wyatt has done Remixes for The Pound Boys, Earth Deuley and Matthew Moffre recordings (five releases in the next two months). Wyatt's production is an interesting mix of all his electronic influences which produces a techy, sometimes progressive yet deep sound, big room all the way to the occasional garage track.  Wyatt's productions have Frequented the Boxes of Laurent Garnier, danny howells, Lee Burridge, DJ Sneak, Tom Stephan, Mazi, John Digweed, Jay tripwire, Asad Risvi, Colin Dale, and John Marsh just to name a few.

Wyatt's Current Residencies are at his Home.. The Funky Buddha Lounge on Satudays, The Church on Thursdays and Sundays, The Red Monkey on Fridays and the new Afterhours called 2AM on Fridays and Saturdays.  He has new releases coming out on Primal Records (S.F.),  Rescue Recordings (London), Household Recordings (S.F.), Red Ant Records (U.K.), Casa Del Soul Records and his own Hochokai imprint in the next few months. 

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