Tuesday 25th Oct, 2016
Yan Stricker
Yan Stricker
It was in the middle of the 90's that Yan (1973) got the electronic music bug, bought his first  vinyls and started producing his first tracks on Atari. 

He rapidly learnt the art of mixing and played "Techno" music at his first parties in 1997. Thanks to his fine selection, pertinent mixing techniques and dance floor control, he became resident at the underground club the "Veaudoux" in 1998.

Over the next few years, Yan performed throughout the Romandie (French part of Switzerland) and also become known in the Swiss German part of Switzerland by playing at parties such as "Monokultur" and "Stahlklang Detroit" held at the famous club "Markethalle" in Bern. His dark, brute techno was also all the rave, he performed at huge events such as "Goliath" in Roggwill, the mythical rave held for literally thousands of people.

In 2000, bored by the incessant tribal loops and rhythms that were swamping the Techno scene in those days, Yan created an collective called "PKSystem" designed to promote more "Electro" sounds. He acquired a reputation of having an "ear" for new talent, and was one of the few who were willing to travel to the 4 corners of Switzerland just to listen to a new live act or Dj. Over the next 3 years PKS organised some 20 successful parties, often inviting unknown but talented artists to the delight of their public.

As amazing as the adventure was, Yan sagely decided to take time out of the spotlight to pursue a career as a multimedia consultant and the years that followed contributed to his forever changing tastes in sound ranging from Electronica to more minimal, tightly controlled Techno.
The need to share his sound got the better of him and in 2008, he found himself playing for the collectives "Afterlokal" and Minidetail". His solid reputation as a competent and hard working promoter earned him the invitation to join the committee of the Chocolate Festival, a successful 2 -day, open-air daylight festival which attracts thousands of people who enjoy dancing in the sun by the lakeside of Lausanne.

At the same time, Yan launched his own digital label called !Organism aiming not only to release his own  tracks under his pseudo name of "Das"  but also to welcome other artists who shared the same approach to sound such as: Max Cooper, Hans Bouffmyhre, Kimono, Kane Roth, Mindcurve, Go!diva and Juan Baeza. !Organism has gotten huge support from the industry’s main players such as Paco Osuna, The Advent, Mistress Barbara, Oliver Lang, Patrick Bateman and Mike Wall among many others!


Today, Yan Stricker's sets, tainted with melancholic Techno and Electro, are sometimes dark with a tendency of swerving to the more "intellectual" form of music yet are always festive and rhythmic, keeping the dance floor in perpetual suspense. His sets tell wonderful stories which sweeps the listener into wondrous adventures.

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